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Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipes that Anyone Can Make

One of my favourite gifts to give friends, family and neighbours at Christmas time are edible gifts and our favourite to make is fudge. Now, the traditional fudge recipes that my grandmother cooked was confusing and difficult with very temperature sensitive cooking. I stayed well away from them until a friend showed me how to make fudge in the slow cooker and that was it Fudge Recipe testing began in the Rainy Day Mum house. With these Easy Fudge Recipes that even kids can cook, you can make delicious gifts quickly and easily that everyone will enjoy.

Delicious and simple chocolate fudge recipes that anyone can make

Scroll down for the collection of recipes for fudge and click the blue underlined links or the images to take you to these simple delicious recipes that you and the kids can make together.

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Fudge with Chocolate in the Slow Cooker

Using the slow cooker is my favourite way to make fudge. It’s a little more timely than when we use a double boiler or make it in the saucepan but it tastes just as nice and with the low heat in the crockpot, it’s perfect for cooking with kids.

Slow Cooker Fudge Making So Easy Kids Can Do it too

Our basic Slow Cooker Fudge Recipe is a chocolate and vanilla fudge it takes around an hour and a half to make on a low heat but when using the slow cooker to make recipes you have to remember to adapt it to your own crockpot. Some take longer others shorter depending on the temperature setting for the “low”, “medium” and “high” for the individual model.

gingerbread and white chocolate fudge stacked up on a Christmas table cloth ideal for Christmas Treats

If you love Gingerbread and White Chocolate then our Layered Gingerbread and White Chocolate Fudge Recipe is for you. It tastes amazing and if you want to make it a little less strong then throw in an extra handful of White Chocolate Chips to the Gingerbread and it will be much more smooth.

Slow cooker Cranberry and Walnut Fudge for Christmas and Science!

We used the same basic slow cooker fudge recipe and adapted it to create a delicious Christmas flavoured fudge with walnuts and cranberries which was also perfect for showing our kids how Metamorphic Rocks were formed!!! A bit of delicious edible science in the kitchen and a treat for the whole family in one go.

Easy to make Easter fudge recipe with Cadbury Mini Eggs, perfect for some Easter gift or to treat yourself - find out how to make this either with dark chocolate or milk chocolate it's so easy even the kids can do it themselves.

Although not necessarily for Christmas this Cadbury Mini Egg Slow Cooker Dark Chocolate Fudge is REALLY Indulgent. If you like dark chocolate then go ahead and make it as is. But if you want something a little less rich then switch out the dark chocolate chips in the recipe for milk chocolate as this won’t be so rich.

Chocolate Fudge Recipes that can be made on the oven or in the Slow Cooker

Some of the recipes we have shared for fudge we have made on the hob. Using a double boiler or straight in the pan. All of these have instructions included to adapt for the slow cooker or to make as is.

Simple white chocolate fudge recipe with candy corns that can be made in a pan or the slow cooker

If you have any candy corn left over from Halloween then this delicious Candy Corn White Chocolate Fudge can be made and shared. We loved adding the pumpkin M&Ms but if you don’t have them then switch them for orange, yellow and brown normal M&Ms and they will be equally as delicious.

Best ever chocolate orange fudge stacked in front of a Christmas Tree

Chocolate and Orange are my favourite combination of Chocolate and our Chocolate Orange Fudge with REAL orange flavours is even better than my attempt with Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Sprinkled with Orange Zest it’s a real Christmas Party Favourite for the family and people have been asking me to make it again already!

Christmas fudge recipe made with White Chocolate and Cranberries displayed on a wood chopping board with Christmas Decorations in the background

Another perfect Christmas Fudge is this White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge Recipe. It’s extra sweet and the perfect choice for those friends and family that have a sweet tooth or just as a treat for you. By the way – this recipe! SO EASY THE KIDS CAN COOK IT TOO!

baileys fudge recipe with chopped pecan nuts perfect for Christmas edible gifts

Another real treat of a fudge this Easy Baileys Fudge Recipe with chopped pecans is perfect for Christmas. Not one to share with the kids but makes a real treat for you and delicious gift for others.

Favourite Ingredients for Making Fudge

These ingredients are linked to Amazon if you buy via the links we may earn a small commission on the sale.

The basis for most of our fudge is chocolate chips. Unlike cooking chocolate I find these are easier to melt and for kids to use. Depending on the taste we are after we sometimes use semi-sweet like the ones pictured and other milk chocolate and then for some white chocolate as well. I also have some in the store cupboard as we also use them for cookies and cakes as well.

All of these are condensed milk fudge recipes so getting a few tins is essential. They are each made with a 397g or 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk and I like to have a few in the cupboard for when teachers gifts or neighbours housewarming gifts are needed quickly when I forget!

Like the condensed milk all of these are vanilla fudge recipes as well and although this Madagascan Vanilla Extract is expensive it’s natural and has a much better than the cheaper synthetic vanilla essences that I have used in the past. The bottle is big so it does last a while as well and the smell is amazing.

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Easy to make fudge recipes that even kids can cook

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picture of homemade fudge after it has set being sliced

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