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Cardboard Tube Angel Craft for Kids

We’re revisiting one of our favourite Christmas Books for our Storybook Advent for this Nativity Craft for Kids. It’s a simple cardboard tube craft and makes an Angel just like the one in the book. Read on to discover the exact Nativity Storybook we have picked and how simple this craft is to make with your kids at home. So here we go a Cardboard Tube Angel Craft for Kids.

cardboard tube angel craft for kids to make
Simple Kids Christmas Craft

Nativity Book Family Traditions

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Here I’m sharing a nativity angel paper roll craft, to accompany the Dick Bruna book ‘Christmas.’

materials for making your cardboard tube angels with kids
Materials for making your cardboard tube angels with kids

As a child, I remember reading Dick Bruna’s storybook of the nativity. We used to read it snuggled by the Christmas tree – it brought to life the magic of the Christmas story. Another thing I remember doing was making nativity figures – out of toilet rolls!

cardboard tube angel inspired by the book Christmas
Christmas Angel Craft for Kids

I used to place Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, kings and angels on the window sill. A recycled nativity display, even then!

Do you remember the little things that you did as a child at Christmas time?

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Well, now I have children of my own I want to make sure that they know the story and meaning behind Christmas. So we’ve been enjoying reading the updated version of the Dick Bruna book ‘Christmas’ and I’ve been reliving my childhood through them!

Toilet Paper Tube angel Craft for Kids

Cardboard Tube Angel Craft for Kids to Make Pinnable Image
Cardboard tube Christmas Craft for Kids

I thought it would be fun to make some toilet paper roll figures based on the illustrations from the book. The pictures are so simple and bold, they are perfect for children to recreate.

You know I love a recycled craft – and it’s amazing what you can do with a good old toilet roll!

We’ve made angels as we thought they would look sweet on top of our Christmas trees (yes we may have multiple Christmas trees…) But you can make any, or all (!) of the characters in the nativity if you like! You’ll only need to make a few adjustments to make other characters in a similar style.

Start by reading the Dick Bruna Christmas book together. It’s a simple and sweet retelling of the nativity story that even very young children will enjoy. Then follow the instructions below to create your own Angel inspired by the book.

Christmas Craft for Kids
Coloured Card and Paper make this a simple craft for kids to make inspired by the Angels in Dirk Bruna’s Book Christmas

You can, of course, add other features if you like, change bits, or add bits. Gold wings would look wonderful!

You can use the same idea to make other characters from the nativity story. Simply add arms in the front instead of wings at the back! Make as many characters as you like.

These little angels will make really sweet ornaments for Christmas! Let me know if you give these a try.

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Toilet Paper Roll Angel Craft for Kids to Make

Toilet Roll Angel Craft for Kids to Make

Rosie at Little Fish Blog
Inspired by Dick Bruna's Christmas, these simple Angels from toilet rolls are easy to make.
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Equipment Needed

  • Pair of Scissor

Materials Needed


  • Measure the width of a piece of white card using the toilet roll.
  • Mark with a pencil.
  • Cut to size then stick round the toilet paper roll to cover.
  • Fold the yellow card in half and draw the shape of a wing on it. Make it reasonably long so that they will stick out.
  • Cut out so you have two wings the same.
  • Stick the wings onto the back of the paper roll.
  • Cut a circle of white card. Or you can use white paper stuck onto the back of a piece of cardboard.
  • Draw features onto the face with a black pen.
    Christmas Craft for Kids
  • Stick onto the paper roll.
  • That’s it! You have an angel ready to put on top of your Christmas tree!
    cardboard tube angel inspired by the book Christmas
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Have you Made This?Let us know how it went!

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What crafts did you make as a child that you will try with your own kids?

Christmas Craft toilet paper roll angels
Rosie at Little Fish Blog

Rosie is a mama, teacher, tea drinker and beach lover! She blogs at Little Fish, sharing simple ideas to inspire your kids.

Rosie loves creating ideas for kids art, crafts, outdoor adventures and creative play. She aims to inspire your children’s creative side in simple ways. (Plus might give you five minutes for a cuppa!)

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