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Blast Off – TP Roll Rocket

As part of the World Space Week 2011 activities we’ve had great fun today making our Toilet paper roll rockets.

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What you need

Tin Foil
Sticky Tape
Red, Yellow and Orange Paper
Circles of either funky foam or stickers (if you haven’t got either then you can glue)

How the fun happens

As J is only just 2 and we haven’t much experience with scissors I cut up the tin foil for him but with older children they would be able to do this themselves. I cut it into various different size squares – I liked using tin foil as it crumples to create a fun look to the rocket as well as having a shiny and a dull side to it

I then let J loose with the toilet paper rolls and the glue with the tin foil next to him. Initially, he just covered the rolls with glue and then stuck on the foil – but then discovered that he could glue directly onto the tin foil and then put these onto the roll – this was better as it created more mess with gluey fingers.



While the rolls dried on the window sill in the sun to speed up the drying process I drew around a pot from the kitchen to create a circle in card (an old file divider we had laying around) and cut it out for J including the slit to turn it into a nose cone for the plane. J then formed the cone and got to play with “Ticky Stape” and made the nose cones himself.

To create the flames we did our favourite paper tearing with red, orange and yellow paper (I helped to get the strips thinner when they were a little bit thick) and stuck them onto a piece of sticky tape. Then this was stuck on the bottom of the rocket body and the nose cone on the top with sticky tape.



  1. I have a whole bag full of toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving and after seeing this craft, I can hear them calling my name from the closet. haha! My boys will love this!

    1. I love the idea of making a great rocket

  2. Nothing quite beats a TP roll rocket! Love yours 🙂

    Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty, lovely to have you there!


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