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Sky at night play dough

Night Sky play dough

With the changing of the clocks and seasons J is suddenly able to see the night sky and he is fascinated by it. He comments about it being dark, late, we’re taken to the window to see the sky – look for stars and he’s started to notice that the moon changes as to quote him “Moon not circle Mummy” as it starts to wane to a new moon (how am I going to explain where it’s gone if the sky is clear when it’s a new moon I don’t know! – maybe that should be a question for Science Sparks on their Friday questions.

So as he’s not been to well and seemed to perk up a little after a nap I decided to do some cheats sky at night play dough for him to play with.

What you need

Some black play dough (we got some in a party bag recently so used that)
Old ice-cream tub

How the fun happens

Playing with the play dough spot the glitter on his face

You could make your own play dough there are many different recipes on the internet for how to make it but I needed something quick so it was ready-made mini tub play dough from a party bag that we used.

I helped J to sprinkle some glitter in an ice-cream tub and then we added some mini stars that I had in my own craft kit and some larger stars as well. He of course was quickly covered in glitter but loved helping to sprinkle the sparkly stuff everywhere. We then added the black play dough and rolled it around – pulled it apart and added some glitter to the middle and then joined it together again.

J mixing in the glitter and stars

Using a rolling-pin we flattened the play dough and then made mounds of it and added some paper to be a moon which was a “crescent” – an app for the i-phone has apparently taught him crescent as a shape!

When he finished playing with it – I put it back in the little tub and when we got it out again today it was great and ready to use to play more with the night sky.


  1. how pretty, I don’t have black playdough but I bet dark blue would work really well too. love the idea of adding little stars.

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