We love reading aloud even to our older kids and one of our family traditions, as we count down to Christmas, is that we read aloud from longer books on an evening together as a family. From Charles Dickens Christmas Carol to a more modern Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher it’s been wonderful to do. This year we’ve looked at the latest releases of Christmas Chapter Books for Kids and picked those that we think you will enjoy as much as we do and will treasure for future years.

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Latest Christmas Chapter Books for Kids

Although we love Christmas picture books, there’s something about picking up a longer book with your older kids and snuggling on the sofa whilst you read it over a number of nights.

Although I tend to do the majority of the reading with my kids, both of them will ask to read a few pages from time to time and we pass the book around.

Of course, you don’t have to read aloud you can give these books to the kids this year as an advent gift or in the Christmas Eve box if your family does that.

We’ve looked at the selection of books that are fresh out this year (2021) and have picked the ones that we think you’ll agree are fantastic and you and the kids will enjoy reading this Christmas.

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So without further ado here are our pick of the best new chapter books for kids for Christmas.

If you would like to shop locally in the UK then check out our Bookshop Christmas Chapter Book List for all of these books below, otherwise, all are linked through to Amazon but can be bought from other sources as well.

Christmasaurus and the Naughty List

Age 7 11 years old

If you loved Christmasaurs and Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch by Tom Fletcher then the latest Christmasaurus and the Naughty List is perfect for you. Out this October it is the tale of the Christmasaurus who decides to try and convert those kids on the naughty list to Santa’s Nice List! Available now in the UK on Amazon and in the USA (although very expensive when we looked but there is an audio version available)

Diary of a Christmas Elf

Age 8+

Ben Miller is a comedian turned children’s author and his books are funny and wonderful. In his latest Christmas book, Diary of a Christmas Elf, Tog a little elf wants to work for Santa, and his dreams are answered when a letter arrives. But, it’s not all good, rapidly things go wrong and Tog finds himself accused of a crime and mucking out the reindeer stables, can he clear his name and save Christmas?

Audio and Kindle versions are available in the USA but not a physical book at the point of publishing this article.

The Christmas Carrolls

Age 8 12

Imagine it being Christmas every day well Holly and her family in The Christmas Carrolls are doing just that. A new author, Mel Taylor-Bessent has written a delightful Christmas book where young Holly spreads the Christmas spirit throughout the year even when things start to go wrong and at one point it looks like there may not actually be a Christmas at all! This is available on Amazon in the UK and the USA.

The Miracle on Ebenezer Street

Age 8 12

Inspired by the classic Christmas Carol this brand new book, The Miracle on Ebenezer Street, from another of our favourite children’s authors Catherine Doyle is great. Follow George and his father, a right old Scrooge, as they journey to Christmas past, present and future along with a purple reindeer and Nan! This is such a fun story and would be great to read and contrast with the classic. This book is available on book Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

A Night at the Frost Fair

Age 7+

Growing up I lived fairly near London and can remember being told about the great Frost Fairs on the River Thames. This book, A Night at the Frost Fair by Emma Carroll (one of our favourite children’s authors for historical fiction) takes us back in time to the age of the great fairs. Unlike some of the books, this one will take you through to winter and is also illustrated so great for slightly younger chapter readers. Available in the UK Amazon in hardback only currently but there is a listing for a Kindle and Audio version under the author on the US Amazon (I found it at the end of the 2nd page on Kindle Books).

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