Each year there seem to be so many new Christmas books released that it can be daunting to find ones that will stand the test of time and become family treasures. Although books themed on your kids’ favourite characters from TV and movies are great you may want to consider books that can be passed down and read time and time again. So we’ve put together a list of picture books for Christmas that you and your kids will love to read for years to come.

dad and preschooler reading a picture book infront of the christmas tree with covers of Picture Books for Kids new for Christmas 2021 including Jan Brett the Nutcracker and Tom Fletcher's Christmassaurs Picture Book Version

Christmas Picture Books

I can tell you even as a teen on Christmas eve we would sit with my grandmother and she would open our much loved ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas book and read aloud the story to us before we headed up to bed.

kids reading a christmas picture book on a fur rug infront of a christmas tree at home.

It was a tradition that we started with my kids and now they are tweens it’s something that they have continued with. As well as that classic book we had added extra picture books that they have loved to our collection and whereas some books we have passed on to friends and family others have stayed as favourites to enjoy time and time again.

Each year, new books are released and this year we have put together our list of the extra special books that we think you and your kids will love and that we have pre-ordered to add to our own Christmas books for our family and friends.

Why not pick your favourite and add it to your Christmas Eve box this year to share with your little ones.

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If you have older kids too why not check out our pick of the Best New Christmas Chapter Books this year for kids.

Best New Christmas Books for Young Kids

This selection of books is ideal for older toddlers, preschoolers and young primary kids although of course you may find that your older kids will love them too.

Christmassaurus Picture Book

NOTE At present this is only available in the UK!

Tom Fletcher has quickly become one of my kids favourite authors for Christmas, we love the Christmassaurs books but they have been chapter books until this year. This year however the first of the books has been released in the UK as a picture book from the sneak peek it looks gorgeous and we have added it to our basket already.

The Christmas Pine

NOTE: This is also only available in the UK at present

Another favourite author Julia Donaldson is releasing a Christmas book this year, The Christmas Pine it is beautifully illustrated as well and tells the tale of a Christmas tree from Norway that journey’s to the UK to stand in Trafalgar Square. This is based on a true story that has been happening every year for the last 70 and the tree is always magnificent.

How Winston Came Home for Christmas

NOTE: This is available to preorder as a hardback in the UK but only on Kindle in the USA

Last year we discovered How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T Smith a delightful book where there is a short illustrated story as a chapter per day to read and share with your child before Christmas. How Winston Came Home For Christmas is the 2nd book following the adorable mouse at Christmas and follows the same format of a short story per day. It’s perfect as an advent gift to share and read together as you countdown to Christmas with your child.

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The Snowflake

The Snowflake by Benji Davies (author of The Storm Whale a gorgeous book too!) is beautiful, it’s a tale of a little girl and snowflake and how they connect. I really think this is one that you could share over Christmas and then enjoy into winter as well, bringing memories of the tree you make and hopefully inspire you to create some pretty paper snowflakes with your little ones as well.

This book was released in the UK Last year but this year there is a paperback version with a CD available. If you love audiobooks then this is perfect for listening to aloud with your child.

Jan Brett’s The Nutcracker

Released this year in both the UK and the USA is this gorgeous version of The Nutcracker by Jan Brett. If you have never read a book by Jan Brett with your children then you are really missing out. Full of amazing illustrations (The Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends are 2 of our favourites) it is an experience to read, with so much to see and find on the pages. Pulling in from folklore and the traditional tale this is a must for any Nutcracker fan and would be a book to treasure for years to come.

kids reading on the rug infront of the Christmas Tree with 4 of the best 2021 new Christmas picture books for kids
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