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No Sew Hanging Fabric Pincone Ornaments

When we moved into the new house one of my big long term goals is to make it a handmade home. With a mix of my own and the kid’s crafts and arts around the place. I started off with some rustic easy sew stockings this Christmas which are looking beautiful decorating our stairway and the kids created their own first sewn stockings which are hanging on the tree. Today I’m sharing with you another craft I’ve been making and decorating our Christmas tree with these Fabric Pinecone Ornaments and the best bit they are so quick to make and no sew.

A DIY pinecone ornament made from fabric hanging on a Christmas tree.

Easy Pinecone Ornaments

This is such a simple and beautiful craft to make, perfect for you or your older kids to do this holiday season. You can buy fabric specifically for the project (I’ve linked to a set that I think would be beautiful this year below) or of course you fabric scraps to make them. Make sure that you have a combination of fabrics that work together but the choice of colors is absolutely up to you. I loved this navy, white and gold scheme that I picked for the one in the instructions.

A fabric pinecone made by hand out of squares of fabric on a foam egg hanging on a branch of a Christmas tree.

Materials Needed to make these Pinecone Fabric Ornaments

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Some contrasting Fabrics – I used 2 Christmas fabrics a light and dark coloured both with some gold metallic detail. But you could use any contrasting fabrics. This is set here would work really well.

Pinterest image for a Christmas Pinecone Ornament an easy DIY No Sew Craft

Preparation to make your fabric Pine Cone Ornaments

1. Cut a strip from your piece of fabric – 1 and 1/2 inches wide.

2. Now cut from this 24 – 1 and  1/2 inch squares of your dark coloured fabric – I used a white pencil and luckily my rule is 1 and 1/2 inches so went along and marked them squares out and then cut them all at once you should end up with 24 of the the dark squares of fabric. On the light, coloured fabric cut out 26 1 and a 1/2 inch squares.

Full step by step tutorial with images for creating these fabric pinecone ornaments for the Christmas Tree. Simple to make and NO SEW!

3. On your Styrofoam egg with the smaller end up draw a line around it and then rotate 90 degrees and draw another line splitting your egg into 4 quarters lengthwise. This will help you position your sections on the egg.

Full step by step tutorial with images for creating these fabric pinecone ornaments for the Christmas Tree. Simple to make and NO SEW!
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Pinterest image for a Christmas Craft to make a Fabric no sew Christmas Ornament
The set of rows of the fabric pinecone pinned in place.

How to make your No Sew Fabric Ornaments

1. Starting at the pointy end of the top of the egg pin a first square of the light coloured fabric.

pinning the first square of fabric at the top of the Styrofoam egg to create a pine cone step 1 in the instructions.

2. Place each of the corner points along one of the lines that you have drawn and you will probably find that you need to pin in between the corners as well.

Pinning the corners along the guides created for a fabric pinecone ornament.

3. Now take a square of the dark fabric – fold in half to form a triangle. This will start to form our initial row of the pinecone at the bottom.

folding a square of fabric into a triangle to start to create a row of pinecone parts for a simple Christmas decoration.

4. Fold in half again to form a smaller triangle.

folded piece of fabric folded again to form a smaller triangle for the Christmas ornament.

5. Taking the raw edges straight section place the point in between the corners of your white section and pin the raw edge in place with 2 pins.

forming the initial row of a fabric no sew pinecone ornament.

6. Repeat step 3 and 4 with three other new pieces forming the triangles of the same fabric or use a combination of your fabrics to create your own unique design.

Showing the first full row of fabric to form the pinecone on the egg shape.

7. Take your contrasting coloured fabric squares and fold as you did in steps 3 and 4.

8. Pin triangles along the raw edge in 2 places with the point in the gap between the points of the previous row.

Pinning the alternate row with the point of the triangle of the pine parts in between the contrasting fabric triangles.

9. Repeat the rows until you have alternate rows of your fabric – you should finish on a the same colour as your first piece.

Forming each row of a pinecone with the small triangles of fabric shown.

10. With a square of your first colour turn over a small hem and place at the blunt end of the foam egg to cover the gap. Pin in place.

The top of the blunt end of the fabric pinecone pinned in place.

11. Now cut two 5 inch strips of ribbon this will form the ribbon hanger for your ornament.

Ribbon cut to size to form the hanger for the pinecone fabric Christmas ornmanet.

12. Tie one in a bow and place both the loose ends of the other underneath the middle of the bow.

13. Pin through the middle of the bow and the two loose ends into the top of the foam egg.

Pinning through the middle of the ribbon to form the hanger for your Christmas ornament.

Hang on the tree or decorate your home with this easy to make no sew fabric pinecone ornaments.

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