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Activities to do with your 10-month-old Baby

Before you know it, your baby will be celebrating their very first birthday.

Can you believe it?

In just two months, your baby will be one year old!

Time goes by so fast when you have a newborn, and if your baby is around the 10-month mark, they are probably starting to move around a lot and/or even say a few words that actually make sense.

Here are some great activities for you and your 10-month-old baby to do together.

Activities to do with your 10 month old baby

Ideas of Things to do with your 10-Month-Old Baby

With any of these activity guides, they are based on the “normal” development stages of a baby. But all babies develop differently as they are unique. If the baby activities suggested are too advanced or too easy then move to look at the activity guides for the ages either side of your baby.

If you are concerned at all about your babies development then please seek advice from your health care professional they are the best person equipped to give you the advice you need.

Looking for ideas and simple activities to do month by month for your baby? Then check out our Baby Activity Ideas from Birth to 12 months.

Play Talking Games with your baby

At this stage in your baby’s life, they are going to be copying pretty much anything you do. Whether you are talking on the phone or pointing at something, they are going to want to do it too.

By this time, they will start to watch how you react to things, and even be able to attach meaning to commands and words.

Talk with your baby by asking them to do certain things like point out the dog or do a certain dance they learned.

Encourage them to use the knowledge they’ve learned and praise them when they get it right.

Check out some of our Songs with Actions which are great for you and your baby to sing and do the actions with at the same time.

Imaginary Play for Babies

10-month-old babies love repeating things they’ve heard and saw.

This means that make-believe play is going to be great for this age.

Feeding their baby, talking on the phone, and even pushing their baby in a stroller are all great activities for babies of this age.

Pretend play doesn’t just have to include physical objects. They can run around and pretend to be a plane or a race car. The possibilities really are endless.

Sensory Activities for Babies

During this time, your baby is probably at the point where they can stand on their own.

10-month-old baby girl playing in a sensory bin standing up

This makes sensory table activities a great thing to do with your 10-month-old.

Set up a water or sand sensory play table and let them explore their new environment. This can also be a great way to incorporate a few seasonal items into the mix such as pumpkin seeds, corn, and other harvest items.

Hide and Seek

At this stage, your baby can do a little bit of hide and seek activities.

Your baby is starting to grasp the idea of object permanence and looking for items which are “lost” or hidden.

Your baby is going to love exploring the world around them at this age, so don’t be surprised if they get a little bit sidetracked along the way.

Arts and Crafts for Babies

No, we haven’t gone crazy but around the 10-month-old is a great age to start to introduce your little one to art.

Simple Process Art Activity for Babies and Toddlers

We recommend either using None-Toxic Finger Paints suitable for babies or even better made your own Taste Safe Baby Paints as we did with T.

They are made with ingredients from your kitchen cupboards.

Be prepared to get messy though – it’s a whole sensory activity rather than actually creating an image. But it’s exactly the right sort of arts and crafts for babies that they should be doing.

As you approach the 1-year mark you will notice more and more of your babies personality appear and instead of being so reliant on you the full toddler experience will appear and then the fun really starts.

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