Although we love doing toddler crafts with our little ones it is really important that process art is mixed in with the crafts.

Process art is a sensory, exploratory and fun activity for toddlers and babies.

They can use their fingers, hands and tools to mix, work the paint and media and to explore what happens when they do things.

Here’s a simple Process Art Activity you can do with your toddler and sitting babies for fun.

Process Art with Babies and Toddlers

As above. This will not make anything, in particular, it’s an exploration into colour and textures for your little ones.

baby using the taste safe paint recipe in a process art activity in her high chair.

With babies, we recommend using our Taste Safe Paint Recipe as this is homemade doesn’t contain any chemicals and can be used easily with your little ones.

Older babies and toddlers finger paints are ideal to use or ready-mixed tempera/poster paints.

Although you can make this a craft. We did it more often just to experiment with colours and mark making.

toddler in high chair experimenting with mixing paint colours
Tray colour mixing

Containing the mess when you do this at home means that it was easier to do this in a high chair during the rainy days.

However, if you have space in the garden it’s a great activity to do outdoors where you can wash your tots down afterwards.

Prcoess Art Finger Colour Mixing Fun for Babies and Toddlers
Simple Process Art Activity for Babies and Toddlers

Process Art Activity for Babies and Toddlers

Cerys Parker
A simple art activity for babies and toddlers to explore textures, colours and mark making with paints.
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Prep Time 1 min
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 31 mins

Materials Needed


  • Place 2 colours of the chosen paint on the high chair tray.
  • Let your baby or toddler mix and experiment with the mixing of the paints.
  • When finished you can if you wish take a print of the paints or simply wash the area down.
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Butterfly created from highchair tray art

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baby and toddler finger painting process art activity
Cerys Parker

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