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Simple Easter Craft for Toddlers Painting Easter Eggs

This simple Easter Craft for Toddlers is ideal to do with them in the lead up to Easter. You can paint the eggs and then hide them in your own Easter Egg Hunt with your little tots. So here you go our How to Paint Easter Eggs with Toddlers and Preschoolers for quick and easy way to decorate Easter Eggs with your little ones.

Easter Crafts for Toddlers - quick and easy painted easter eggs

Easter Egg Painting with Toddlers

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Simple toddler craft that your older kids will enjoy as well to create painted Easter Eggs

This can get messy and toddlers do not have the most delicate of hands so we recommend either

  • blowing or hard boiling the eggs first
  • using craft store papier mache/decopatch eggs or wooden eggs that they can paint without fear of them breaking.
decorated Easter eggs to make with kids

Don’t use the styrofoam eggs as they don’t accept the washable paint we recommend you use with toddlers at all and end up flaking off and causing a big mess.

Painted Easter Egg Toddler Craft

How to Blow Eggs!

If you have never blown eggs it’s really easy.

Just follow the instructions on how to blow eggs and you will have an empty egg that even if you toddlers or preschoolers do crack it won’t make a mess.

Painted Easter Eggs to decorate with toddlers.
Simple Easter Craft for Toddlers create painted easter eggs

Painted Easter Eggs with Toddlers

Cerys Parker
A quick and easy fun Easter Craft for Toddlers to make painted easter eggs.
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Prep Time 1 minute
Activity Time 30 minutes


Equipment Needed

  • Paintbrushes

Materials Needed

  • acrylic paints or washable but you will need to seal with mod podge before hiding
  • eggs blown or use decopatch/papier mache eggs
  • paper plate


  • Place the paint on a paper plate – if you have more than 1 toddler or older kids as well I find it much easier to provide each child with their own paper plate with paints to avoid arguments.
    painting blown eggs for easter simple toddler craft
  • Using a paint brush, paint designs on the eggs. To avoid smudging you can paint half and allow to dry.
    decorated Easter eggs to make with kids
  • Once your toddler has finished painting then place the egg in an egg cup to dry.
  • If you have used acrylic paint then skip the next step and use the eggs to decorate your home for Easter. When dry if you have used washable paints for kids then paint over with some PVA glue or Mod Podge.
    Simple toddler craft that your older kids will enjoy as well to create painted Easter Eggs
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Your kids will get messy – you can try and avoid it if you wish by removing the eggs when only half is decorated but I know from experience that this really doesn’t work instead we went with the mess when the kids were toddlers and I still to this day have their decorated eggs which we bring out and place in a bowl at Easter.

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Making Wax Resist eggs is easy and a lot of fun. You can dye using natural dyes or you can use food colouring which produces these vibrant colours you see here. Or how about colouring your Easter Eggs with our ever so simple Shaving Foam Marbled Easter Egg Craft.

Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Simple Painted Easter Eggs

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