Valentines Day Activity – Glittery Heart Hangings

Simple Valentines Day Activity for Toddler

With Valentines Day around the corner here is a fun Glittery activities for toddlers to create a heart hanging for the window or room. This is a fun Valentines Day Activity that is great for those little hands to complete this year.

What you need to make these simple Valentines Day Hearts

A4 Coloured card
Glitter glue
Coloured thread
Hole punch
Sticky Tape

How to make the Glitter Hanging Hearts

Valentines Day Activity for young toddlers

Cut out heart shapes from the A4 card.

Allow the child to decorate the card with the glitter glue.  We decorated one half of the heart and folded them in half to make a pretty pattern.

Allow the hearts to dry before decorating the back of the heart as you did the front.

Valentines Day Hearts for Toddlers to make

Once both sides are dry, hole punch the top of the heart and thread through the coloured thread.  We decided to hang ours in twos, so hole punched the bottom of two of the hearts and thread the coloured thread between this hole and one of the holes in the top of the other hearts.

We hung our finished glitter hearts in the window so they can catch the light.

Valentines Day Activity for Toddlers

 Linked to Red Ted Art’s Crafty Kids

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