August Virtual Book Club – Kevin Henkes – Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star

august virtual book club for kidsThis months Author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Kevin Henkes – when looking through the book selection we came across Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star, I choose this book as I have a vague recollection of watching or reading about Wemberly when I taught Primary School and it was something that looked like T may enjoy. Our activity is part science experiment and part life skill learning – we made ice-cream soup just like Wemberly does in the book.

making ice cream soup

Our science experiment in creating Ice-Cream Soup

I love involving a little science and Math in our play and so we set up a small science experiment. We used 4 different bowls (3 children for our book club this time) and set up 2 in the shade to turn to soup and 2 in the sunshine to turn to soup.

kevin henkes book activity

We looked at the temperature in the shade (we have a digital weather station that the sensor has a display on as well) and asked J and A to read the numbers on the display – In the shade we had 27.9 and in the sun 28.9 degrees Centigrade.

wemberly's ice cream star activity

The children ran backwards and forwards between the bowls seeing which one melted and made soup first (neither J nor A will eat ice cream cold they have to have it melted first so we knew ).

sharing ice cream soup

T sharing ice-cream soup just like Wemberly in the book

The ones in the sun melted first but were very quickly followed by the ones in the shade.

Learning Patience whilst waiting for ice-cream soup to make

Making Ice-Cream Soup

J waiting for the ice cream soup to be made

Like Wemberly in the book J, T and A needed to learn patience whilst they waited for the ice-cream soup to make. At first is was easy whilst there was the exitment of waiting for it to melt – but it got harder as time went on. At 3 (J and A) and 17 months (T)patience is something that isn’t easy but fun games and play ideas like this will help to encourage them.

Have you read Kevin Henkes books before – what’s your favourite?

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