The seasons are changing and summer is letting go as autumn or fall arrives. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Autumn is on its way. Getting outside with our toddlers and preschoolers has always been a family goal. But, when there are more rainy days it’s even more important to use up as much of that energy that the little ones have so we’ve put together some easy, free, and fun outdoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers plus you to do together this autumn season.

Outdoor Autumn Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Dig out the warmer clothes and waterproofs and prepare yourself for some autumn fun with the kids. There is so much that you and they can get up to outside this time of year and we’ve got some fun nature ideas that you and your toddlers (or preschoolers) can do.


One of our all-time favourite fall activities is to head out foraging. We love heading out from late summer through to mid-autumn hunting for blackberries, wild plums, elderberries as well as a few hidden gems off the beaten track like sweet chestnuts.

Outdoor fall activities for kids and you to enjoy for free at the park
T picking blackberries off the bush in early autumn

Picking the fruits from the trees often more ends up in our stomachs than coming home but it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon together as a family.

And if some do make it home then either make some blackberry playdough (especially good for those blackberries that have been squashed by little hands) or our favourite recipe to cook with kids blackberry cakes.

Outdoor fall activities for kids and you to enjoy for free at the park

Playing & Rolling

It’s a classic but so worth doing whatever the season and a favourite of ours – one of the town parks has a great hill and we go and roll down the hill – yes even me.

A natural childhood - good old fashioned fun and the importance of these activities for children's physical development

What’s more, it’s really good for helping your toddler and preschooler develop their core stability (and to work on your own).

Go on, embrace your own childhood and join them in the fun!

Why not add some of these fantastic autumn books to your book basket to read when you get back inside.

Catch a falling leaf

Ever walked down a path lined with trees in the fall and watched the leaves fall around you – nothing better for you and the kids than trying to catch those leaves before they touch the ground.

Outdoor fall activities for kids and you to enjoy for free at the park

Once caught why not bring them home and make leaf rubbings or use the leaves to work on creating some artwork like leaf symmetry drawings.

Play Conkers

Ok so I can see the faces from here – what on earth are conkers – full name “Horse Chesnuts”, otherwise known in the UK and Canada as Conkers and in the US as buckeyes. Conkers is a game you play with them for 2 people. First off pierce a hole in the conker all the way through and then tie a shoe lace and thread it through – each person will need their own conker threaded like this. Holding onto the string let the conker dangle from one players hand and then the other player winds the string around and prepares to hit the other conker by letting go of it. Each person takes turns and the winner is the person that breaks the others conker.

Outdoor fall activities for kids and you to enjoy for free at the park

Fungi Fun!

With the damp and cold weather now is the time to hunt for fungus with your toddlers and preschoolers. Admire them from afar and tell tales of fairies and elves that may live amongst them.

Fall STEM activity for early years - Investigating Fungus and where they can be found including FREE Printable to support the activity

Why not read some books about fungi or conduct a Fungus investigation (yes even with your preschoolers) on the environments fungi like.

More Ideas for Autumn Fun with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Cerys Parker

Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, high school teacher and mum. Realising that life doesn't have to be put on hold and you don't just have to survive whilst the kids are young she shares ideas to inspire you to LIVE with the kids, with activities to do together, recipes to cook and enjoy and family travel to make memories to last a lifetime.


  1. There’s so much learning to be had exploring the great outdoors. Simple but awesome ideas! I always have to remember to stop and look at the little things too! Conkers looks like a fun fall game we might like and of course roasting chestnuts is yummy fall fun too!

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