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World Animal Day 2012 Blog Hop

A year ago I joined in linking up to my first ever Blog Hop for the World Animal Day 2011 and it gives me great pleasure to be one of the cohosts this year.

Activity to celebrate World Animal Day

As a child animals played a major part of my life – we had pets large and small and as I grew up they lead me to work with them so having fun and learning about animals is one of the things that we do often at home. Now J is at preschool T and I have some time to do some activities just the two of us. We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and she is fascinated by the colourful butterfly at the end. So as part of our celebrations for World Animal Day 2012 we decided to make some colourful butterflies together.

What you need to make colourful butterflies

Brightly coloured finger paints
White Paper

How you make colourful butterflies

finger painting with toddlers

This is such a simple but effective activity to do with very young toddlers. T and I sat down together and I folded some paper in half giving her the folded paper and then she went and decorated the folded paper with her hands.

Looking for more butterfly crafts for toddlers then why not make some salt dough butterflies!

toddler finger painting butterflies

She was really pleased with herself when she realised that she had made a hand print.


Once she had done 1 folded piece of paper I unfolded it and doubled it back on itself and then we both spread the finger paint between the pages. She then opened it up to view her butterfly that she had made.

Love this simple art for young toddlers then check out these ideas for art, play and hands-on learning for young toddlers and babies with our Tried and Tested Activities for Under 18-months-old.

finger paint butterfly

Some of the butterflies really looked like butterflies when we opened them up others produced really interesting patterns. For a couple I outlined the butterfly in black pen and then we reread The Very Hungry Caterpillar and she kept pointing to her butterflies as we finished the book.

finger paint butterfly


  1. Nawww, this is lovely. Such a great simple activity to get the kids into butterflies (not hard for my girls, they LOVE butterflies). I love messy play too!

  2. Little hands creating and having fun! What a good idea to do with your little girl.
    And Agree with Susan, the linky is wonderful!


  3. This is beautiful and LOVE the Linky Party. So many great ideas to celebrate animals.

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