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Blackberry Playdough – Autumn Blog Hop

It’s Autumn time and we’re doing some fun Autumn activities at the moment enjoying the last weeks of warmth before Autumn closes in completely and one of the things we have done is collecting Blackberries from the bushes in the local park and woods. Our first foraging activity was a little bit of a disaster in the fact that we collected very few blackberries not enough to make anything with so instead I took it as an opportunity to make some blackberry playdough with J and T using our favourite playdough recipe to make at home.

Making Blackberry Playdough with fresh blackberries

picking blackberries

When we got home I set up a messy mat on the floor in case my idea of squashing the blackberries to get out the juice wasn’t as Mess-Free as I envisaged. Then I placed the blackberries in a ziplock bag and gave J my rolling pin and he rolled the bag squishing and squashing all of the blackberries and getting the juice from the berries.

mess free blackberry squashing

T tried to help with the squashing but J was in charge and she was allowed to have a go at the end. Once the blackberries were thoroughly squashed I added a little water to the bag and J and T shook it like mad mixing up the blackberries and water to get as much juice out as possibly.

Straining Blackerries

Using a muslin cloth we poured the juice into it and into a bowl and then had a lot of fun squeezing the cloth to get as much of the juice out as possible.

extracted blackberry juice

I always use the same playdough recipe which uses hot water – so instead of heating the water, I put the blackberry juice in the microwave until it was boiling and used that instead.

J helped me measure out the other ingredients and then we needed the dough to get it just perfect to play with together.

homemade blackberry playdough

We then played with the playdough using cookies cutters making blackberry pretend cookies.

Blackberry Playdough


  1. That may be the most beautiful shade of playdough I’ve ever seen 🙂

  2. What a cute idea! I bet your children loved it!

  3. What a super idea! Scamp loves playdough and balckberries so this is a win- win craft! We’ll give it a go!

  4. great idea…i also love you were brave enough to allow j to wear white anywhere near blackberries

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