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Pretty Little Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes

My daughter decided this Halloween that instead of being ever so scary she wanted to be a pretty little witch. Our Halloween Cauldron cupcakes, therefore, were way too creepy and spooky for her friends for the Halloween Party! So instead we made these pretty little witch hat cupcakes with some delicious Buttercream frosting.

Making Cupcakes for Halloween

I know many people that use a box mix for making their cupcakes and swear by it. However, our simple cupcake recipe is so easy the kids can make it and I love using it for making cupcakes too.

This recipe makes 12 simple cupcakes and easily doubles up or more. Because of the cooling time I make them the day before let them cool completely and then decorate the day afterwards. This makes sure that the buttercream frosting doesn’t melt.

With the buttercream frosting, we love using our Vanilla Buttercream Recipe that I shared with our Pretty Pink Princess Cupcakes. It is made with butter so you won’t get a “white” as white icing but it tastes much nicer than icing or frosting made with Trex or similar.

Witches hat cupcake in focus with lilac buttercream frosting

Pretty Little Witch Hat Cupcakes Ingredients

We have included links to specific ingredients and products we used to make these Halloween Cupcakes. If you buy via the links we may earn a small commission.

Scroll down past the printable recipe card to find the equipment we used to create these Sweet Halloween Cupcakes for Little Girls as well as some other Halloween Cupcake Ideas you and you and the kids can create this year.

Set of 3 easy to make witch's hat cupcakes for a not so spooky halloween party treat
simple to decorate halloween witches hat cupcakes for party treats and halloween favours

Watch Our Easy Halloween Treats Video for more Halloween Fun!

It should be at the top or to the right hand side.

Now head over to our Halloween Potion Popcorn to get the full recipe and instructions to make them with the kids.

Equipment Needed to Make these Cute Halloween Witches Hat Cupcakes

I always thought that fondant or icing molds would be fidley and not something that my busy mum life would let me use. But then I actually tried one when my daughter wanted butterfly’s on her cupcakes for her fairy birthday party. They were so easy that I’ve started to collect a few that I use time and time again. I tend to pick them up at Car Boot Sales or from people selling on Facebook so keep your eye out as they make creating cakes a LOT easier. This one uses a bow mold I have a set like this one. Where you can produce different types of bows I may never need them all but it’s been useful especially with a little girl that likes to have Princess things.

I used to use my wooden rolling pin for rolling out fondant but it was next to useless I think I used more icing sugar to dust it than I did in my buttercream recipe. So I decided to ask a friend that decorates cakes for a living what she recommended and her recommendation was to get a specific fondant rolling pin as they are less likely to stick. She was right and now I use it for birthday cakes, Christmas Cakes and adding the little decorations to cupcakes and cookies as well.

For cutting out the witches hat bases I use a Double Sided Pastry/Cookie/Fondant Cutter. I’ve had plastic ones in the past but they haven’t lasted very well instead I always go back to my grandmother’s stainless steel set which works and lasts. This Wilton set is ideal as it is double sided just like mine and has a variety of different sizes to use that nest on top of each other. These are perfect for cutting out pies as well!

I know lots of people that use disposable pipping bags when they decorate cupcakes and cookies. However, I like using a reusable silicone bag and washing it in warm soapy water, rinse it again and then let it dry. I have a few of them so I can switch out the colours and unlike the ones that my mum had from the 70’s and 80’s these don’t get the icing all over your hands. This is like the set I started out with and then I got a few more bags.

little witch halloween party cupcakes with pretty purple bows
Simple to decorate pretty Halloween Cupcakes because not everyone wants a spooky Halloween Treat.

Pretty Witch’s Hat Halloween Cupcakes

Cerys Parker
Easy to make pretty little witch Halloween cupcakes ideal for a not so spooky Halloween Party treat. Step by step instructions to decorate and simple from scratch cupcake recipe to use.
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Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Course Cake
Cuisine Halloween
Servings 24 cupcakes


  • 2 sets of simple cupcakes see recipe notes for link
  • 2 portions of vanilla buttercream frosting see recipe notes for link
  • purple colouring food gell
  • 4 containers black fondant
  • 1 containers lilac fondant
  • 125 g icing sugar
  • 60 ml cold water



  • Make up the cupcakes per the instructions in the Simple Cupcake Recipe. Don’t forget to make 2 sets so you have 24 cupcakes in total.
  • Leave to cool and store overnight to decorate tomorrow.

Witches Hat

  • Lightly sprinkle some icing sugar onto the cutting board.
  • Scoop 3 tablespoons of black fondant into your hands and roll into a ball.
  • Place the fondant ball onto the cutting board and roll into a cone.
  • Roll the top of the cone a little bit skinner for the curve of the witch’s hat.
  • Stand the cone up and lightly push down onto the cutting board to create a flat base.
  • Curve the tip of the hat.
  • Repeat steps for 23 more hats.
  • Sprinkle icing sugar onto the cutting board.
  • Using the remaining fondant, roll out the fondant into 1/8 of an inch thick. This will form the base of your witches hat.
  • Use the circle fondant or pastry cutter and cut out 24 circles.
  • Brush a small amount of water onto the circle and place the hat on top of the circle.
  • Dry off the paintbrush and dip it into the icing sugar.
  • Brush the sugar onto the small bow mold.
  • Pinch off 1 teaspoon of lilac fondant and press into the bow mold.
  • Carefully peel back the mold to release the fondant bow.
  • Place bow onto the cutting board.
  • Repeat steps for 24 more bows.
  • Using the paintbrush again, dip it into the water and brush a stroke onto the back of the bow.
  • Place bow onto the front of the hat.
  • Allow to dry overnight.

Frosting and Finishing the Halloween Cupcakes

  • Mix up the buttercream frosting according to the instructions and use a tiny bit of purple gel food colouring to get a lilac colour.
  • Scoop the lilac buttercream frosting into a piping bag.
  • Frost cooled cupcakes and place the witch hat onto the top of the frosting.
  • Enjoy!
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Simple to decorate pretty Halloween Cupcakes because not everyone wants a spooky Halloween Treat.
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