Our weekends now have a slot allocated for homework as J has entered year 1 at school and with having a big brother, T wants to do exactly what he does as well. So equipping them both for homework time is important for them.

Tools for school - Stuck on You

As you probably guess we have art materials out ALL the time, there are crayons, pens, pencils, chalks and paper that the kids can get to whenever they want to get creative but making sure that homework has special equipment and a time set aside has helped to develop an ethic about it. The Tools for school kits from Stuck on you are perfect for the occasion.

The tools for school kits come in a large pencil case and each are personalised with a name up to 15 letters long and come in 1 of 3 colours, blue, pink or red.

Inside each case there is everything that your child will need for their homework – 2 pencils with grips perfect for those children learning to write as you can place it to help them with their hold. A long 30 cm ruler, pencil sharpener with 2 different sizes of hole, eraser, coloured pencils and a set of coloured pens with fine and broad nibs on them. Each item is personalised the same as the cases so even when 2 children are doing homework together (as happens in our house) it’s possible to divide the equipment up at the end.

Looking at the pictures above you can see the quality of the products and the case is large enough to carry in a notebook and even the reading books if we go away for the weekend as homework still needs to be done. Our set we have had named with J and T, but The Tools for Schools kits can be made with a name up to 15 letters long.

Ours kits are put away and brought out for homework time keeping them special sets the ethos that homework must be done and it’s different than our normal crafting and art times – even though my children are young setting up the routine and establishing the importance of homework early on settles it in place as they get older and the homework becomes more.


We received the product for review purposes but the opinions are our own.

Cerys Parker

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