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Toucan Box – Holiday Helper for busy Mums

The long holiday is on it’s way – 6 weeks with the kids at home and I know that I will be looking for inspiration to keep the kids from destroying the house especially on wet days – although if you look through my archives here on Rainy Day Mum there are loads of ideas sometimes I’m just not inspired ~ creative ~ imaginative ~ inventive to come up with an idea and have been coveting those boxes in the US that provide crafts on a theme for kids straight to the door. Well finally we have one in the UK – The Toucan Box and we were lucky enough to get one to review just in time for the heavens to open.

Toucan Box Review

Toucan Box

Each Toucan box comes personalised to your kids – J and T loved this as it was addressed to them something that unless it’s their birthday they don’t get a lot of is post for them so getting this made their day.

Toucan Box review

The boxes come with one – the petit box which arrives fortnightly, two or four different themed crafts which arrive monthly – our box was Under the Sea themed absolutely perfect for my kids and me with 4 crafts there was 4 days of fun inside as well as a book connected with the theme.

Toucan Box Review


Included as well was a sheet with learning prompts as well as some extra activities that you could do alongside the crafts in the box.

Toucan Box Review

We set off to create the Jelly Fish Racers – included in the box was everything that you needed apart from scissors – it even had pencil crayons but my kids like to mix things up so they got out our art caddy and used stuff from that as well.

Toucan Box Review

I love crafts like this that come in kits it wasn’t just a case of peel off a backing and stick it on they first had to design the jelly fish which both loved doing talking to each other about the colours that they would use and what jelly fish looked like.

Toucan Box Review

It then came to threading – for my kids this was great both are working on fine motor skills a lot at the moment and threading the beads on the ribbon and then the ribbon into the holes on the jelly fish was great for them to develop those muscles needed for holding a pencil correctly and the control needed for writing.

Toucan Box Review

If a craft has a purpose after you make it (instead of just looking pretty) it’s even more fun in the kids opinion these jelly fish racer do – they actually race up the ribbon and now stuck on our patio doors they are providing hours of fun since we made them competing against each other who can make the jelly fish go up the fastest.

Toucan Box Review

With 4 crafts in total there’s loads of fun for the kids and Under the Sea is only one of the themed boxes that they supply.

We are now an affiliate for Toucan Box and you can get your own FREE Toucan Taster Box clicking on the image below or through the link.


Toucan Box Taster

Free Toucan Box Taster for Rainy Day Mum readers in the UK

If you would like to see what they are all about then you can get a Taster Box from Toucan Box containing everything you need to make one craft and you can get crafty with the kids.

Disclaimer – we received the box for review but all of the opinions expressed are our own and truthful.

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