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The 3 Little Pigs Craft Activity for Preschoolers

One of my personal favourite fairy/folk tale, and definitely my daughter’s (4 years) too, is The 3 Little Pigs! Today I will share an easy craft we did to show the three different houses the three pigs built.

Three little pigs craft activity for preschoolers

We kept it quite simple, making the different houses with different material, and drawing the rest of the picture with crayons.

Materials Needed to Create your 3 Little Pig Houses

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Raffia Ribbon Strips

Easel Paper

White School Glue


Match Sticks

Construction Paper

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How to Make your 3 Little Pig Houses

Start by reading a version of The Three Little Pigs – we love this Ladybird First Favourite Tales The Three Little Pigs, it’s got bright illustrations and follows true to the story but isn’t too gorey and the pigs do outsmart the wolf in the end.

Why not try some of these FREE Three Little Pigs Cutting Practice Sheets for your preschoolers too.

The Straw House
This one was made with raffia ribbon strips. I drew the house for my daughter, and she had to cut the ribbon, and fill the house. Great activity for fine motor skill development too!

straw house for the three little pigs craft activity step by step pictures

The Stick House
The stick house is from match sticks. This time I drew the house with glue and she added the match sticks. She had to use her problem solving skills when the match sticks did not fit the lines, and broke some in half.

making matchstick houses for the three little pigs step by step guide

The Brick House
The brick house was a puzzle of sorts. I cut the bricks and roof from gum paper, then made a template of the house with the cut pieces. She completed the “puzzle” by sticking the pieces onto the right(more or less).

simple brick house for the three little pigs with step by step picture guide for preschoolers to make

We had so much fun and so much learning during this activity!

More 3 Little Pigs Activities

Once you have created these houses for the 3 little pigs why not retell the story using these fantastic 3 Little Pig Popsicle Puppets from 3 Boys and a Dog which you buy, then download and print add to craft sticks and use as well.

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