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Fairy Home Birthday Cake

I love making birthday cakes for my kids – I’m not great at it but I like how they can be tailored to their interests at the time and the themes for their parties. This year T had a Fairy Tea Party so along with the Butterfly Fairy Cakes that she and I made together I baked and decorated a Fairy Home Birthday Cake for her main birthday cake. Looking really effective it was relatively easy to make so I wanted to share a quick how to with you so you could recreate if you wanted to.

Fairy Toadstool Birthday cake how to

How to make a Fairy Home Birthday Cake

Make 2 sponge cakes – bake each cake to your favourite recipe but instead of using a cake tin grease 2 pyrex pudding basin (2 pint in size) and bake in the oven – they will take longer than normal to bake and if like ours it’s taking a long time then cover with tin foil once the top has turned golden to prevent it from burning.

Keep checking the cake with a skewer to see when it has cooked all the way through – turn out the cake onto a cooling rack and allow to cool completely before you start to mould and decorate the cake.

Start off by using a bread knife to form the shape of the cakes – with the first cake make sure that you have a flat base and top to it and shape it as a tall base for the toadstool. Then with your other cake shape it to be rounded for the top of the toadstool.

I used fondant icing for the cake but you could decorate the cake with buttercream or your favourite frosting recipe. Decide what colours you will use and make up some of the icing – Our was a pink and white fairy home as for T’s party she was going to be a pink fairy.

Mix up some buttercream to coat the cake with and help the fondant icing to stick – the recipe for buttercream frosting is simple to make – it’s 2oz of icing sugar to every 1oz of butter and cream together. Add a splash of milk to make the frosting smooth. I made the buttercream for the cake with 6oz of icing sugar, 3oz of butter and 2 teaspoons of milk.

Coat the cake in the buttercream and then use rolled out fondant icing in your chose of colours to first cover the top – pink in our case and the base white. I also rolled out some icing and covered our cake board with it – making it green for the fairy garden.

Put a little buttercream between the base of the toadstool and the top and place them together. This will help them stick together as the buttercream sets.

Toadstool birthday cake for a fairy party

Decorate the top of the toadstool with some dots on top – cut with my smallest circle pastry cutter. To make the door I used a sharp knife and cut out a door shape and then pressing lightly on the door shape I drew in some lines for the wood effect and placed a small dot of icing for the door handle. I also cut out some windows from squares of icing with a knife to place by the side of the door.

Fairy Birthday Cake for Little girls

For the path and garden for the fairy home I used some fondant flowers which I cut out of the pink icing we had used for the top of the cake and then made a path from some heart sprinkles and a small “gravel” bed around the fairy house with some pink sugar crystals.

Fairy Birthday Cake

To finish off the top of the cake cut out some butterflies and leave them overnight to dry out on a fold of card and then attach to the top of the cake with a tiny dab of water so you have formed butterflies.

How to make a Fairy Toadstool Birthday CakeI will be sharing our Fairy Tea Party for little girls as it was a magical afternoon for little girls to enjoy .

How to make a fairy toadstool birthday cake



  1. This cake is so adorable. I just love it! Well done.

  2. This cake is so delightful! I will have to see if I can do this for Lily’s fifth birthday – I know she would adore it. She loves all things tiny!

  3. Looks absolutely lovely – my mum and I managed to whip up a princess cake this year but we did need half a bottle of red each to do the icing 😉

  4. Oh my goodness that cake is wonderful! I always make the birthday cakes for mine too, and you’re right- its lovely to cater them to their tastes. This looks absolutely fantastic, I bet your daughter loved it!!
    x x

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