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3D Spring Daffodil Picture for Preschoolers

Spring is popping up everywhere, and isn’t it magical? Those little green shoots are peeking through, much to our kiddos’ delight. If your little ones are as enchanted as mine, why not dive into a super fun and easy spring craft? We’re talking about making adorable 3D daffodils that are not just cute but also great for those tiny hands to practice some serious cutting skills.

3d daffodils created by a preschooler made from paper. A great spring art project for kids.

Spring Art Idea for Preschoolers

This is such a fun 3D Art project for preschoolers. It celebrate the beauty of spring but also helps hone your little ones fine motor skills through some simple scissor practice. Using a sunny yellows, bright oranges and vibrant greens your preschoolers can create an artwork that literally pops off the page.

This project is a brilliant way to bring spring indoors and work on key skills in a creative and fun way.

Pinterest image of spring art project for preschoolers a 3D daffodil

Before diving in, why not have a mini-adventure in the garden? Check out those sprouting bulbs and chat about how plants slurp up water. It’s a perfect mini-science lesson wrapped in fun!

Take a moment before you start to examine the spring bulbs in the garden and maybe even pick a few so you can look at some simple plant science on how plants drink!

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Scissor Skills for Preschoolers

Snipping away is a huge part of this project, and it’s perfect for getting those little hands comfortable with scissors. Remember, it’s all about the right tools—blunt nose scissors are your best bet. They’re safe, effective, and won’t lead to frustration. Trust me, your future craft master will thank you!

Looking for more ideas then check out our Spring Activities for Preschoolers there are so many different ideas you can do this time of year.

Materials for a Spring Daffodil Picture

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  • Yellow, green and orange Paper – this is the set that we buy regularly for all our arts and crafts
  • Large Sheet of White Paper – an easel roll works well and you have lots of paper for projects then.
  • Scissors – we like blunt nose scissors like these ones
  • Glue – either liquid glue like elmer or a glue stick will work use what you have available.
Creative Table set up for making Spring Daffodil Pictures

How to create a Spring Daffodil Picture

1. Cut strips from the green paper to make straight lines.

preschool cutting strips of green paper to make stems for a paper art project for spring

2. With the orange paper cut out a wide strip and into smaller sections these will make the trumpets for the daffodils.

3. Then cut with the scissors up a little to form a feature like effect. Just snip the length of the scissor blade.

cutting the features of the trumpet of the daffodil for a 3D art collage with preschoolers

4. Then draw some petals and assist your preschooler to cut them out if needed.

5. Now it is time to assembly, start by sticking the stems and petals onto the picture.

6. Then roll the orange feathered paper to form a trumpet shape and fold down one end.

preschooler gluing paper using a liquid glue

7. Glue the side together and then attach to the picture. You may want to let all of the glue dry whilst the picture is laying flat.

3d spring art idea, daffodils in a row for preschoolers to create

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Read to Extend the Learning

Why not extend the activity by picking up some of these fabulous books.

  • We love the book Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner it’s perfect for any garden connection and focuses on what happens above and below the soil throughout the seasons of the year.
  • Flower Garden by Eve Bunting shows that you can have a garden even in the smallest spaces. We love the spring colours and flowers you can see in the book and the wonderful rhymes
  • One that we reach throughout the year is Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. I love how it talks about flowers and colours and the way that you grow the gaden throughout the seasons.
  • Another favourite that we have on our nature table throughout the year is Spring by Gerda Muller. We have the whole series and exchange them as the seasons change and spend time looking through the beautiful illustrations talking about how throughout the pages new things happen and are celebrated.

Check out our best books about spring for even more seasonal reading and picture books for your kids.

Spring Flower Art Activity for Preschool pinterest image from rainy day mum

More Spring Art for Preschoolers

Painting Still life with preschoolers and toddlers, Spring Daffodils

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