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Small Hands Creating Hope – Butterflies

One of the things that I never realised when I started blogging last June was the amazing support network behind the scenes of the blogs and the virtual friendships and collaborations that you can make. When MaryAnne from Mama Smiles told us about her wish to help raise funds for cancer research in celebration of her 32 years since being diagnosed with cancer as a child it was something that I wanted to be involved in.

With an amazing selection of bloggers from around the world our children have been creating projects to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society (ACS) by putting the projects together in a book many with tutorials which with a donation is available for download and also to buy as a hard copy.

I really wanted us to be involved – J and T will never know two of their great grandparents due to cancer. My Nana and my grandad both died from cancer when I was in my teens. I remember learning about it as a child as my Nana had had skin cancer removed from above her lip and me asking why that was. For a long while as a child I just thought it was a disease of the old.

Working on a project to raise money for cancer research

More recently it has really hit home how cancer is indiscriminate when a friend that I had made whilst pregnant with J on a parenting forum posted about her little girl Amber being diagnosed with a brain tumor and undergoing chemotherapy. Because of this it made me realise how important it is to raise money for research and hopefully one day no one will ever be touched by cancer.

creating a butterflies for hopeAs I have included a full tutorial in the book I am not going to replicate it here. I have included some pictures of J, his friend A producing our Butterflies of hope.

The ACS appreciates any donation but if you would like to receive the e-book we are asking for a minimum donation of $15 towards ACS after which point you will receive an e-mail telling you how to go about getting the e-book and a link to where you can buy the hardback book from.

Butterflies of hopeIf  you donate but do not receive this email for any reason, or if they have trouble with the download, they can email smallhandsproject at gmail dot com.

Each of the bloggers will be featuring their involvement in the project over the next month and bit you can find out when each blog will showcase their work and I will be back featuring T’s contribution to the book in June.

14 May Mama Smiles
15 May Artsy Craftsy Mom and Rainbows Within Reach
16 May B. Inspired, Mama!
17 May Rainy Day Mum and Imagination Soup
18 May Inspiration Laboratories
19 May Experimenting Mom
20 May Outlaw Mom
21 May NurtureStore
22 May Living Montessori Now
23 May Mess for Less
24 May Having Fun at Home and CraftoArt
25 May Mama Mia’s Heart2Heart
26 May Angelique Felix and Sense of Wonder
27 May Sun Hats & Wellie Boots
28 May Duck Duck Octopus
29 May Smiling like Sunshine
30 May Mommy with Selective Memory
31 May One Perfect Day
1 June The Educators’ Spin On It
2 June Kids Stuff World
3 June Rainy Day Mum
4 June Teach Preschool
5 June Dirt and Boogers
6 June Creative Connections for Kids and The Golden Gleam
7 June Montessori Tidbits
8 June Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
9 June The Iowa Farmer’s Wife
10 June Scribble Doodle and Draw
11 June Learn with Play
12 June Kitchen Counter Chronicles
13 June CRAYON Freckles
14 June Glittering Muffins
15 June Wise Owl Factory
16 June Crafty Maa
18 June Lessons Learnt Journal
20 June Growing a Jeweled Rose
21 June Growing Play
23 June JDaniel4?s Mom

See you again on the 3rd of June and I hope you enjoy the book after making a donation to the ACS. I will be back with an update of our fundraising in the future.


  1. Such a great cause and I love your butterflies,very pretty!

  2. What a beautiful project and symbol for hope.

    What a great lot of bloggers involved.


  3. CraftyMaa says:

    Thanks for sharing your story,Cerys.i love the butterflies- so cheerful and full of hope:)

  4. What a beautiful project you have created for your post about a difficult issue. Thank you so much for sharing your touching story. Carolyn

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