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Rainbow Domino Game

Spring is in the air, and with it comes rain and sunshine, and we all know that that means Rainbows. So that’s why this week’s #PLAYfulpreschool theme is all about Rainbows. Last week we did some rainbow baking and made rainbow candy crunch cookies which are now a much requested after school treat for the kids. To go with the rainbow cookies, and to work on some skills and knowledge we’ve got a Rainbow Domino Game for you to make and then play with your preschoolers.

Rainbow Domino Game with Free Printable domino set

Playing games with older siblings or with you as parents can help young children to learn about taking turns, sharing, how to lose gracefully as well as winning with grace. Whilst working on these social skills, you can also incorporate learning elements. A traditional domino set with dots is ideal for working on counting and recognition of number patterns but there is no reason why you have to restrict yourself to those. We’ve produced a printable of our rainbow domino set so you can print it off and have a different version of the game which works on colour recognition.

Materials needed

Rainbow Domino Printable – download here (you will need a PDF viewer to open and print)
Laminater if you wish to make the set reusable time and time again

Learning Objectives

  • Social Skills – turn taking and winning and losing gracefully
  • Mathematics – colour recognition

Preparation Needed

Print out the Rainbow Domino Cards from the download link and then cut up.

If you wish to make the cards reusable then laminate like we have

Play Rainbow Dominoes

We always start by sharing out the dominoes equally between us, working on one for you, one for me etc. We talk about having half or a third of the cards so that even when the kids were very young, language of fractions was introduced with the concept of dividing a number.

Rainbow Domino Game with Free Printable domino set

With the dominos shared, we place a double in the centre of the table and then took turns to say the colours that we needed to match to continue and placing them in.

Rainbow Domino Game with Free Printable domino set

The Rainbow’s were a great addition as we worked on remembering the order of the rainbow colours and singing all the rainbow songs that we know.

Rainbow Domino Game with Free Printable domino set

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Rainbow Domino Game with Free Printable domino set


  1. My kids found some dominoes the other day but they were a bit too tough for them to figure out. This will be a perfect activity to bridge us into the real ones. Thank you!

  2. I love this idea. Thank you for the fantastic printable game! We will have to try it.

  3. Great activity! Thanks for the printable too!

  4. What a great printable for learning colors! Thanks!

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