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Quick and Simple Advent Calendar to Make

We love creating our own Advent Calendar’s each year. Something simple that the kids can open and countdown to Christmas. We fill with a little treat and an advent activity to do as a family from our Countdown to Christmas book. This quick make is ideal for a last minute calendar or something simple that you can quickly throw together using Scrapbook Paper or even some old wrapping paper. Each day get the kids to pick a pocket, open it enjoy the treat and find the activity to do as we Countdown to Christmas as a family. So here we go our Simple DIY Advent Pockets to Countdown to Christmas as a family.

Easy Paper Pocket Advent Calendar to make with Kids.

DIY Countdown to Christmas Pockets

Christmas Scrapbook Paper Project to create some advent calendar pockets to countdown to Christmas - Finished Pockets in picture

This easy advent calendar is simple to make. I was able to put it together in a few minutes and then set up a wicker basket and the kids took turns picking a pocket from the basket and matching the activity with those in our Christmas Countdown Activities Book and share a treat. I have wrapped up some homemade fudge in candy wrappers and added it before as well as using some store-bought treats for the kids.

Paper Pocket Advent Calendar in a green wicker basket ready to countdown to Christmas

Materials Needed for your Advent Pockets

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6 sheets (12 inch square) coordinating Christmas scrapbook paper

Paper cutter or ruler and scissors (I used this guillotine paper cutter.)

Hot glue gun

24 round adhesive labels


Individually wrapped treats for the kids plus an advent activity card to go inside

How to Make this Simple Advent Calendar for Kids to Open

how to make your pockets for a DIY advent calendar with scrapbook paper

  1. Cut scrapbook paper into 10 cm by 12.5 cm rectangles using a guillotine.
  2. Run glue along the short side of the paper and curl into a cylinder.
  3. Press glued edge to the opposite side and hold in place to set (if you are making these with the kids then you should do this part)
  4. Add glue along the inside of one side and press the cylinder closed.
  5. Place the treat into the closed cylinder and add your advent card.
  6. Add glue along the inside of the open end of the cylinder and press closed into a pocket.
  7. Write the numbers 1 through 24 each on a round sticker.
  8. Attach one sticker to each pocket.

Simple Scrapbook Paper Pocket Advent Calendar to fill with treats and activities to countdown to Christmas

From December 1st through 24th, countdown the days to Christmas by allowing children to tear open the pocket for each day, enjoying the treat inside and share the activity with the kids from our Advent Activities Ebook.

Countdown to Christmas with these 24 family friendly activities to spend quality time together even when time is short and you are pulled in 100 different directions

More Fun Ways to Countdown to Christmas With Kids

Countdown to Christmas sharing classic, fun and silly Christmas Books with our annual Storybook Advent here on Rainy Day Mum. Four Christmas picture books with a fun activity, craft, recipe or game.

Make counting down to Christmas time to spend with your toddlers and preschoolers meaningful by trying some of our Advent Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers. These would be perfect to include for younger members of your family in the pockets instead of the family activities in our Countdown to Christmas book.

Another quick DIY Advent Calendar to make and use with the kids is our Snowmen Advent Calendar. Fill the pockets with the activities and avoid the treats altogether this Christmas.

Don’t Forget to Pin These Easy and Quick Advent Calendar to Make Again Next Year

Easy last minute Advent Calendar Project that you can make in an evening. Fill these scrapbook paper pockets with treats, toys or advent activities and countdown to Christmas with your kids.

PS. If you make these why not add a picture over on Pinterest to your pin we love seeing the results that you make over there.

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Simple Advent Calendar from Paper to fill with as you wish.


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  2. This one i like very much. Nice to do with children. Thanks for the idea!

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