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3 – 5 Playful Preschool

Preschoolers learn best with hands on play based activities and we’re bringing you a resource to help you find ideas to do this at home with your preschoolers. Written by the best preschool bloggers from around the world a mix of mums and early years education specialists this is the ultimate resource for you and your children to help them learn at home through playful activities.

3 - 5 Playful Preschool

Included in the e-book are more than 25 ideas for hands on play based learning for 3 to 5 year olds covering maths, language, literacy, science and art and play with over 50 additional activities linked within the book to extend the playful learning further. And that’s not all – there are 10 Printables included as well – make your own city scape for playful fun, create a weather calendar for the home or help with some conversation cards for you and your kids to enjoy.

Take a peek at what’s inside

Written by Mums and Education specialist with clear step by step instructions and fabulous photos these ideas are tried and tested and anyone can do them at home for hands on play based learning and fun.

25+ playful preschool activities

Three to Five Playful Preschool is priced at $8.99 and a must for your ebook list if you have a toddler or preschooler to provide you with ideas and activities to help your children learn at home with hands on play.

So if you want to give your children the best start in learning then click to buy this resource now and get playing and learning with your preschoolers at home.

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