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NSPCC Letter from Santa ~ Supporting ChildLine Throughout the Year

We are very fortunate that for our children Christmas is a magical time of the year. They are warm, well-fed and safe. But not every child has the same. Since they were little we have done our part to make sure that we help those that aren’t. One of the ways is that we get an NSPCC Letter from Santa Personalised to them. The money raised by this annual event goes to support the work of Childline throughout the year. So how do you go about getting an NSPCC Letter from Santa for your own child and making some Christmas memories for them as well as supporting other children this year.

Letter from Santa - making Christmas Magical for kids and supporting the NSPCC.

Whatever you do as parents to create family traditions at Christmas you can help other children in the UK by getting a letter sent from the North Pole personalised to your child. To help out the NSPCC have teamed up with Santa to send personalised letters to your child in the UK or elsewhere in the world for a suggested donation of £5.

Letter from Santa Ambassador for the NSPCC

This is NOT a sponsored post we are fully supporting the NSPCC and the fantastic work they do to provide help for children in the UK and are proud to be a Letter from Santa Blog Ambassador.

NSPCC’s Personalised Letter from Santa

When you request a letter from Santa there are some many options to personalise the letters. Whether you are celebrating and starting traditions on Baby’s First Christmas or have children that are older it’s possible to adapt the system for you and your children.

Baby’s First Christmas NSPCC Letter

You don’t have to wait till your baby understands what Christmas is about. You can start helping support children in the UK from their very first Christmas.

A letter from Santa which includes a special poem that Santa has written just for them can be just one of the ways in which you start family traditions on Baby’s First Christmas.

NSPCC Letter from Santa - Baby's First Christmas
Example of Baby’s First Christmas Letter from the NSPCC Letter from Santa Campaign.

NSPCC Letter for Christmas For Older Children

If your child is older then you can have the letter personalised, choosing the style of the letter and adapting it to suit your own child.

There are letter styles for 8 – 13-year-olds and 1 – 7-year-olds as well as the Baby’s First Christmas option above.

If your child has questions then you can add in a personalised message that would answer some of those for them. This is what we did when T was 3 and had every question possible about Santa that we tried to answer.

You can even have it sent from Santa or Father Christmas depending on what you use in your home and in English or Welsh.

NSPCC Letter from Santa (2014)
Example of a letter from Santa (NSPCC) for older children.

Where do the funds go from the NSPCC Letter from Santa Campaign

NSPCC runs the all-important Childline in the UK and the money raised from the Letters from Santa helps to keep this valuable service going throughout the year. 

£5 could buy paints to help a child who has been abused to express their feelings and begin to feel like themselves again.

£8 could cover the cost for our volunteer counsellors to answer 2 calls to Childline. On average, a child contacts Childline every 25 seconds – you can help us be there at Christmas and all year round.

£10 could help us answer two calls to the NSPCC helpline from adults worried about a child.

Why CHildline and the WOrk of the NSPCC Is So Important

The NSPCC provides a valuable service for children, carers and those that feel that a child is in danger or in need of help and support, with trained staff manning telephones of ChildLine they provide a listening point. Christmas isn’t always a fantastic time for children that we would hope and many feel vulnerable, are self-harming and in danger from those that meant to care for them.

By signing up to get a letter for Santa with a suggested donation of £5 you can help children around the UK like the two below.

All names and potentially identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the child or young person. Snapshots are created from real ChildLine contacts but are not necessarily direct quotes from the young person.

NSPCC ChildLine
Image courtesy of NSPCC for illustrative purposes only

A young girl talks about why ChildLine is so important to her

I started self-harming when my Mum left us. Mum and Dad were always fighting and Mum had a problem with alcohol. Mum was always there for me, and now I don’t see her anymore. Dad won’t let me have any contact with her. I don’t want to tell my dad how I feel as I don’t want to upset him. It doesn’t feel good to cut but I need to. I think it might bring Mum back to me and it allows me space to think and concentrate on something else. It feels good talking to ChildLine as I can say how I feel and ChildLine listens to me.

NSPCC ChildLine
Image from the NSPCC for the purpose of the article

Although we often think about depression being an illness in adulthood children suffer equally, the person on the end of the phone for children dealing with can be a lifeline to listen to them like this young lad.

I’m really feeling suicidal at the moment. I have been to hospital before as I have tried to end my life by taking an overdose. I’m lied at school and I’m feeling so angry with my dad. He drinks a lot and moved away a year ago. Sometimes going for a walk can help and I’m really close to my mum. I have medication for my severe depression, but I really feel like it isn’t working. I’m so glad ChildLine can help me.

Ordering your Letter from Santa from the NSPCC

Santa’s Mailroom is now open!

You can request your letter from Santa at https://letterfromsanta.nspcc.org.uk/letter-from-santa.

Letter from Santa in Our House

Every November I go ahead and purchase 2 letters from Santa I keep them in place till 1st December. On the 1st December, the letters arrive in the first pocket of our advent calendar of activities.

Create Christmas Traditions and Memories with your kids with a personalised letter from Santa or Father Christmas that you can make each year unique
Handwritten Letter from Father Christmas that arrives on Christmas Eve in our house

However, Santa is generous with his writing in this house. We also have a tradition of a handwritten letter on Christmas Eve from him. Check out how we go about making our own letter from Father Christmas to the kids each year.

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