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Lab Set – Science at home with Elementary Kids

I remember as a child getting my first chemistry set, the goggles, the test tubes, chemicals in their little pots and instructions on how to do a crazy amount of chemical reactions at home and in my kitchen. I’m really looking forward to that stage with my kids but I want to get started now and we want to do it with the proper kit. Lab Set from Learning Resources is perfect for science at home with elementary kids with 12 pieces and 10 easy to follow instruction for some fabulous scientific fun.

Lab Set - Science at home for elementary kids

Little hands need sturdy and bigger equipment, also not exactly precision equipment – I love the learning resources set because it has equipment that can be held with comfort by my kids and it’s really engaging them in science. We’ve worked our way through the 10 experiment cards within the set and are now working our way through the extra’s available on the website.

With children working on different levels of reading – even the instruction cards come in handy – T loves to check out the clear pictures and collect the equipment for us – whilst J reads through the instructions telling me what I need to collect and following the instructions on the cards – a perfect way to introduce science language “METHOD” into his vocabulary as well as asking him to make predictions or hypothesis on what he thinks will happen.

Lab Set - Science at home for elementary kids

The set comes with 2 small test tubes, 1 large test tube, a beaker, conical flask, dropper, large magnifying glass with a stand and proper science goggles plus the 10 instruction cards that feature fun elementary science experiments like Dancing Raisins

Lab Set - Science at home for elementary kids

Colour Mixing and mixing different liquids.

Lab Set - Science at home for elementary kids

Every day after school I am having to put my science teacher hat on and come up with another new experiment for us to do and explain what is happening to the kids in terms that they will understand – a challenge as I last taught High School Science and they are 4 and 5 years old! With something simple like Lab Set from Learning Resources you can enthuse your kids with a love of science without a text book in sight.

Check out the other fabulous science equipment from Learning Resources that we have and used in the past.

Learning Resource science equipment is available direct from Learning Resource Website or from Amazon.

We received the Lab Set direct from Learning Resource for review – all thoughts and words are our own.

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  1. Carol De Witt says:

    This looks really good for little hands. Science can be so much fun and is brilliant for encouraging children’s curiousity.

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