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Gardening Gift Ideas for Kids 2019

Christmas is coming and we’re looking at some of the best gift ideas for kids that garden. From gardening tools that really work to wheelbarrows that are kids size. So here we go our Gift Guide for Gardening with Kids

Gardening Gifts for Kids
Gift ideas for kids that love to garden

Gardening Equipment for Kids to Grow their Own Food

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Luckily there are companies that are now making good quality gardening equipment for kids and we’re sharing some of our favourites today. When my daughter was 3 she wanted her own gardening equipment so here are our favourite recommendations from our searches and what we have added to the collection since.

Set aside a small area of the garden for your children to own this raised garden bed is ideal for them as the sides hold all of the soil in place, it’s easily reached by children’s arm to the centre and with the depth some of the ground vegetables will be able to grow no matter what your soil is like.

Make sure that the seeds you use with your children are a mix of slow-growing that they want to grow as well as quick growing seeds that they will love to nurture quickly and see bloom and fruit. Scroll down to find out the best Seeds to buy to grow with kids.

Gardening Tools for Kids

Gardening with kids - equipment for green fingered kids

Even toddlers can get involved in the garden and as long as you have soft soil then this wagon and tools which include plant pots, trowel and a minitature watering can will work. Check down further for our recommendation for more sturdy and less playable gardening tools for kids.

Gardening provides so much for children from learning about plants, where their food comes from, to the insects and other bugs that can be found in the garden. This gardening kit for kids comes complete with a STEM guide to help you plan for learning experiences with your kids too.

Instead of buying a ready-made toolkit like the ones shown above you can put together your own with a set of tools that will grow with your child and handily that you can use comfortably as well. These metal with wooden handle tools are strong enough that if you hit a rock they aren’t going to break.

Once you’ve planted your seeds it’s important to keep them watered and functioning rather than play watering can is essential. This watering can with a rope handle is ideal to use as the rope provides more movement for the kids when watering than a solid plastic handle would and is less likely to crack and break.

When you could be using some plant food in the can especially for your tomatoes then you want something that will work a child-sized metal Watering Can is best – easy for them to hold and carry when filled with water.

A gardening caddy and tool kit is great if you want an easy way to store the gardening equipment or don’t have a large area to work with. I like this toolkit and caddy for older kids as the tools are metal but if you have younger toddlers and are wary of them hurting themselves then this Melissa and Doug version shown below is ideal.

It’s always good to get kids into the habit of keeping things tidy and this kid-sized garden broom is ideal – we use it because I can tell you that after they have been digging around in their own vegetable patch for a while the soil will be everywhere this makes it easy for them to brush it into a pile and then put it back in to their area.

Wheelbarrows for Kids

Gardening with toddler growing tomatoes with Heinz Ketchup Grow you Own
Toddler with her own wheelbarrow heading out to garden

If you use a wheelbarrow then the kids will want one too – you could get a cheap plastic one but from experience, I can tell you that they quickly fall apart and the kids get frustrated – a good quality metal one is excellent and will let them really help you in the garden as well.

We love the Kids Green Garden Wheelbarrow as it’s lightweight and easy to use for kids.

Gardening Gloves For Kids

Hopefully, they won’t be picking up thorns but as they weed around their newly planted seedlings there is a chance that they may encounter a plant that may irritate the skin so gardening gloves are a great idea – there are options for bug gardening gloves and for pink gardening gloves.

Seeds and Plants to Grow with Kids

Gardening with Kids - starting off seeds
Growing seeds with kids – check out our guide for quick seeds you can grow together.

Check out our recommendations for Quick Plants to Grow with Kids for suggestions you can go and find easily in the garden centre – however sometimes we love the ease of someone else doing that bit for us and Grow and Make have put together a Kids seeds starter set for you – with 30 seeds, a countertop greenhouse and full instructions it’s the perfect way to start your little green-fingered kids off.

Check out our Resources for Gardening with Kids to inspire you to get out and start gardening together.

Books for Gardening with Kids

Although there are many books that you could purchase to add to your bookshelf to help your budding gardeners we have picked our 3 favourites. The first The Garden Classroom by Cathy James writer and creator of Nurturestore combines ideas for education with gardening and takes it all outside through literacy, numeracy, arts and crafts. Gardening Lab for Kids by Renata Brown has 52 different activities getting kids outside, gardening and learning about the process of gardening like The Garden Classroom it has a real mix of ideas. The last is Gardening Projects for Kids by Jenny Hendry this is one that I have from my teaching days and loved being inspired by the different projects within the book from items like growing beans in a jar to sunflower growing competitions this is such a great resource for families.

Fun fiction and non-fiction garden book ideas for reading along with toddlers and preschoolers in spring and summer or as part of a plant or garden unit.
Pick of our best gardening books for toddlers & preschoolers

There are some fantastic books for Toddlers and Preschoolers on the Theme of the Garden – we’ve read lots and have selected our favourites that we know you will love as well to share with you. Check out these Gardening Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers to find a book to read aloud together after you come in from the garden.

Why Not Check out some of these Garden Projects to do with Kids

Stone Plant Markers to make with kids
Stone Planet Markers – we still have ours 4 years on.
Create your own little garden gnomes with the kids using this simple and easy DIY project. Perfect for using in the garden to decorate pots and flower beds.
Make Garden Gnomes
After School gardening for kids - egg carton seed trays
Start off the seeds indoors with egg carton seed trays
garden gift guide for kids
Inspire your kids to grow their own with these great gift ideas for kids that love to dig in the dirt. Your guide to useful gifts for gardening with kids.
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