We love observing the weather, it may be because we are British, or just because back when we started we called ourselves Rainy Day Mum! From making our own weather observation devices to recording and graphing the weather it’s a great topic to investigate with the kids. To go along with the topic here’s our pick of the best books about Weather in general for kids that we can add to our Nature Study table or as part of our Science Topic reading.

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Meteorology Books for Kids

The study of the weather is called Meteorology, so a great place to start is with some books about Meterologist and Meteorology or Weather Forecasting. So here we go.

If you are following the Exploring Nature with Children Curriculum then these books work really well for the first week of January Winter Sky week, Week 4 in November Weather week and St Swithin’s Day Week with further weather study. This is something that we have been using for Nature Study with the kids since they were toddlers and would really recommend it as even though we started when they were young we still have plenty of scope to explore each week in more depth now. You can find the curriculum here.

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The Kids’ Book of Weather Forecasting

We love The Kids’ Book of Weather Forecasting as it combines facts and activities to do. Although aimed at 7 – 12 year olds my kids enjoyed the book much younger as well as dipping in and trying some of the ideas now.

The Meteorologist In Me

A picture book about the “big dream” to be a Meteorologist is a great book for young kids. The Meteorologist In Me gives an insight into different weather as well as the job of the TV Meteorologist and encourages children to dream big.

Meteorology (A True Book: Earth Science)

A great non-fiction Meteorology book for kids Meteorology (A True Book: Earth Science) covers different weather conditions as well as how weather is predicted and why it is important for all.

Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms (Girls in Science)

We got this one specifically for our daughter who had been told in school that girls couldn’t do science. Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms (Girls in Science) follows 3 women in meteorology showing what they do, the different places they work and more about the job.

Weather Forecasting

One for your younger kids Weather Forecasting by Gail Gibbons a favourite author from when my kids were young. This book looks behind the scenes how a modern weather station works and gives brief information about how the weather is predicted.

Weather Watchers: Predicting the Weather

For the next stage up Weather Watchers: Predicting the Weather focuses on early primary/elementary and explores how the meteorologist use signs and make predictions on the weather. It also includes a simple weather predicting activity for kids. There is a whole series of Weather Watchers books that each focus on a different aspect so if your child or class are interested in weather it maybe worth looking further at these.

Field Guide to the Weather: Learn to Identify Clouds and Storms, Forecast the Weather, and Stay Safe

Aimed at USA weather mainly Field Guide to the Weather: Learn to Identify Clouds and Storms, Forecast the Weather, and Stay Safe is a little book that you can take out with you on a field trip and use to make weather observations and then interpret them further. We particularly liked the cloud section with descriptions of the different cloud formations.

You can check out more of our Winter and Snow Books and Stories for Toddlers and Preschoolers which are great for the younger members of your family to learn about winter weather and snow in particular.

Weather Non-Fiction Books for Kids

Although the meteorology books are great, we also like to have some general non-fiction books about the weather as well. These aren’t specific to a general weather type but instead provide more detail and information about all sorts of weather conditions.

National Geographic Kids Everything Weather: Facts, Photos, and Fun that Will Blow You Away

We do love the National Geographic books and National Geographic Kids Everything Weather: Facts, Photos, and Fun that Will Blow You Away doesn’t disappoint. Although we use with the older kids this is one that we have had for a while and provides basic details about the weather that you can read together with your younger kids as well.

The Big Book of Weather: A Look at How Things Work for Kids

My kids love The Big Book of Weather: A Look at How Things Work for Kids it’s the combination of facts and experiments that have captured them. I must admit it’s a lot of fun and reminds me of a science book I had as a child that covered the same thing. It’s moving on from National Geographic but you could read it with younger kids and do the experiments alongside them.

DK Eyewitness Books: Weather

For non-fiction books the DK Eyewitness Books are one of our favourites, we tend to purchase these as we cover the topics and themes. DK Eyewitness Books: Weather is great, the information is focused and ordered and then divided into smaller bite-size chunks which help with use for study as well as general knowledge.

Science Comics: Wild Weather: Storms, Meteorology, and Climate

If you have a reluctant reader, where too much text scares them or a child that loves Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Tom Gates etc… then the Science Comic books are a great way to get them reading and learning about different areas of science. Science Comics: Wild Weather: Storms, Meteorology, and Climate tries to explain weather, climate and more through graphic novel style. A great addition to your classroom or home for weather themes and topics.

Weather Activities for Kids

Looking for ideas to add to the topic then check out these activities for weather here on Rainy Day Mum

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