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Weather crafts and activities

Early Spring can be so changeable – one day it’s cold enough for snow the next short sleeves and a walk on the beach or the pool is a good idea so doing some weather crafts and activities is a good idea. Here’s some simple weather crafts and activities to do with your tots.

Weather Crafts and Activities for Kids

First off from Stir the Wonder is a wind exploration table – with so many windy days here in the UK this is a fantastic idea especially at this time of the year.

Another wind themed post this time a craft to create a wind sock again from Stir the Wonder.

With wind, rain, sun and showers rainbows are inevitable and this Rainbow Lacing busy bag from Coffee Cups and Crayons working on weather, fine motor skills and colour recognition this is fantastic for those tots.

We have also had fun with the weather creating our own Rain Catcher and then to help investigate more accurately a “weather man” to record the amount of rain fall.

Ink Blot Cloud Shapes from Teach Beside Me

Rain Comes Down Song and Hand Movements from My Story Corner

Cloud and Rainbow Blow Painting from Toddler Approved

Weather Tracking Printables from Mama Smiles

Weather I-Spy from The Moments at Home

Drawing Cloud in Shaving Foam from Views from a Step Stool

Sensory Activity ~ Blowing Cloud with a Straw from JDaniel 4’s Mom

Lightning Leap Weather Alphabet Activity from Preschool Powol Packets


  1. More really great ideas-fantastic! Can’t wait to try these out! Can’t wait to explore all of this weeks links- they look fab! Thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks for hosting once more, this is one of my favourite link ups and I want to try and join in more this year!
    x x

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