Plate Fish – 1

What you need

Some Paper Plates
Sticky Tape
Glitter Glue (optional)

How the fun happens

With the paper plate cut cut out a triangle from one side of the plate

Triangle Cut out of the paper plate

Attach this triangle to the other  side of the plate to form the tail of the fish.

Fish with tail attached with sticky tape on the point and on the back of the tail to secure in place

Decorating the fish

I then sat my toddler on the floor with a bucket of crayons and let him decorate it how ever he wanted to. At one point this involved 2 fish in front of him and a crayon in each hand colouring in.

He likes to name the colours as he does it (at the moment all colours are either, red, blue or pink though) and also what he is drawing on the fish – lots of fish on the fish oh and one plane as well.

Choosing the next colour whilst colouring the fish

I then added some eyes (wish we had some googly eyes in our craft box but we’ve run out at the moment) and teeth. Then I let him loose with the glitter glue under a lot of supervision as although I don’t mind a mess at all I find glitter glue impossible to get out of the carpet.

crayons and glitter fish

Fun Factor

Although he enjoyed the activity – he much prefered Plate Fish 2 and 3 which I’m yet to write up.

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