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Easy Biscuit Decorating

Eating the activity

Idea by Clare and Emily.

What you need

Rich tea or digestive biscuits
Icing Sugar
Food Colouring
Edible toppings – sprinkles, silver balls etc… Local supermarkets usually have a good selection of the different ones to use
Tea Spoons
Plastic Bowls

How the fun happens

Decorating the biscuits

Mix the icing as per directions on the packet (icing sugar and a few drops of water at a time, then add food colouring) make small bowls of different colours.
Put a few biscuits on a high chair/tray and allow your child to decorate as they wish (young children may need help adding the icing).
This can get messy but is great fun.
Older children will enjoy making patterns/ faces with the decorations or you can even try to make animals (pink iced pig biscuits, pussy cats etc)

Adding the toppings

Leave for the icing to set them enjoy!!!

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