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Virtual Book Club for Kids – David Shannon

It’s Virtual Book Club for Kids time of the month again and this months Author is David Shannon – this is another new to me author and we had a lot of trouble decided which book we wanted to read from the many on Amazon this month. In the end we choose A Bad Case of Stripes.

A bad case of Stripes – Tape Resist Art

With a fantastic moral behind the story about being true to yourself it’s a wonderful book for kids. J and T didn’t quite get the meaning of the book but they loved watching how Camilla Cream changed throughout the book. They were both captivated by the Stripes that she changed to on the first page and we decided to get arty with some stripe art.

Virtual Book Club for Kids - David Shannon's book A bad case of Stripes with some Tape Resist Art

Having seen their enthusiasm for stripes I knew exactly what we should do – some tape resist stripes, helped by the fact that I discovered some masking tape in the shed that would be perfect.

What you need to create some tape resist stripes

Masking Tape

How to create tape resist stripes to go with A bad case of Stripes

Virtual Book Club for Kids Tape resists stripes to go with a bad case of stripes by David ShannonI set up an invitation to create for J and T with some paper, tape (notice the 2 rolls of tape to prevent arguments) the book that we had been reading and 4 colours of paint and brushes for them to use.

Virtual Book Club for kids Tape resist art for a bad case of stripesJ found it easy to tear off the masking tape but with T (2 years old) I tore off some stripes and then placed them on the table cloth beside her for to place on the paper where she wanted to.

Virtual Book Club for Kids - David Shannon A Bad Case of Stripes - some tape resist stripes

They then painted over the stripes inspired by the colours of the stripes on the cover of the book. This was great for T who is starting to pick up some colour knowledge and whilst she painted we talked about the colours she was using.

A bad case of stripes by David Shannon, tape resist art as part of the Virtual Book Club for KidsThe art was then placed aside to dry. Once dry J and T helped me remove the tape from the paper and we admired our Tape Resist Stripes art work.

Virtual Book Club for Kids - Tape Resist Stripes to go with David Shannon's A Bad case of stripesEach month the Virtual Book Club for Kids is co-hosted by over 30 bloggers joining together to bring you activities, crafts, recipes and learning to go with books by a specific author. Pop by the cohosts this month and find out what they have been doing with books by David Shannon.


  1. That looks like so much fun and would be perfect for the ages my girls are at – they love tape! I’ve been wanting to read that book – it sounds like a very sweet story.

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