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The Virtual Book Club for Kids

Instilling a love of books with children is so important and reading to them at bedtime and during the day is so important. But, you can extend this love even further by connecting their favourite books even further and making learning fun. Since 2012 we have co-hosted The Virtual Book Club for Kids here on Rainy Day Mum doing just that. Bringing books alive and connecting classic and modern storybooks for kids with crafts, activities, and recipes. As we head into the new academic year I’m excited to announce this year’s online book club and invite you along to bring books alive connecting and creating with your kids.

The Virtual Book Club for Kids

If this is your first time discovering The Virtual Book Club for Kids then a little about it to get you started. Each week join us over on Facebook and over on the Virtual Book Club for Kids blog sharing themes and featured books throughout the school year that your toddlers and preschoolers will love.

We will share some activities on Rainy Day Mum and in the Virtual Book Club for Kids Group you will be able to see our week plan for toddler and preschool activities that are easy to do at home and fun to do with your kids.

leaf art with a writing practice dice

This year because of the current situation every book featured can be found being read aloud on YouTube! Perfect for sharing with your toddler and preschooler as you have fun together at home.

Want more inspiration about Book Clubs for Kids like how to start your own then check out the information in the linked post!

Your Virtual Book Club for Kids Hosts

The Virtual Book Club for Kids is organised by 3 us your book club hosts!

Kristina the founder of Toddler Approved, Kim of The Educators’ Spin On It and myself have been coordinating book choices and theme selections whilst inviting education and parenting writers to join us creating the activities that we share with you bringing you the best ideas to engage your children and encourage a love of books that we hope will last a lifetime.

2019 – 2020 and The Virtual Book Club for Kids

This year’s book club is exciting and full of fun themes that we hope that you and your children will enjoy participating in each week – you can find out more about how you find out the weekly activities and more at the end – we try and focus on seasonal themes where appropriate as well as others that will work year-round.

Helping you plan ahead we release the themes a month at a time giving you time to get prepared and organized yourself. Then over in our Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group we share activities Monday to Friday based on the theme and feature book ideal for your little ones

Check out the weekly themes and featured books for August and September over on The Virtual Book Club for Kids Website and don’t forget to sign up if you want the weekly activity plans straight to your inbox!

How can you Participate in the Virtual Book Club for Kids

It’s so easy to join us this year with the Virtual Book Club for Kids.

Sign up for The Virtual Book Club for Kids Newsletters and Activity Plans

Head on over to The Virtual Book Club for Kids Website and sign up for the newsletter from the team. This year we will be hosting fun challenges throughout the year as well as extra’s over on that site.

Join the Facebook Group

Come and socialise with us in our Facebook group where we will be sharing activities, further book suggestions and be around to chat and talk about connecting and engaging with books.

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