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Rainbow Fish Sight Word Scales

Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister is a favourite book of ours and as the feature author this month in the Virtual Book Club for Kids we have had great fun reading the book as well as being inspired to create an activity to help to learn sight or high frequency words.

Sight Word Game for the book Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish is a fantastic book about a Proud fish with beautiful shiny scales who doesn’t want to share his beauty but realises that it is bad to not share and hands out his silver scales to other fish in the ocean. Inspired by the shiny scales and giving them away and extending on from our Rainbow Fish Maths Activity from the Summer we used the idea to share our scales and learn some sight words.

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Materials Needed for Rainbow Fish Sight Words

A large Sheet of White Paper
Coloured Paper to make the rainbow Scales
Marker Pens
Silver Mirror Card
List of Sight or High Frequency words to learn (around 6 – 10 is a good number to work on at a time)

Creating Rainbow Fish Sight Words

Draw an outline of a fish on a large sheet of paper and then colour in the fins and tails with a “rainbow” of colours. To make the scales select colours – J and T selected a rainbow of colours but to keep it accurate to the book you would need blue, greens and purples and draw a half a rounded rectangle shape and cut out. Arrange these scales starting from the back of the fish forward gluing them in place. Around the mouth I folded the scales to fit neater into the shape of the fish.

Rainbow Fish

On the Silver Mirror Card draw the same shape and cut out 6 – 10 of these shapes these will be the scales that contain the sight words.

Add an eye to the fish if you wish.

Learning Sight Words with Rainbow Fish

Start off by adding the sight words to the back of the silver mirror scales – I started off using pencil so that I could rub out the words afterwards but then realised that the pencil that I had used wasn’t dark enough to help J to read the words so ended up going over them in black marker – however the idea was to use pencil so that the scales were reusable.

Sights words on scales for Rainbow Fish Book Based Activity

With all the words in place we added them to the fish – J is working on 8 words at a time and we placed the scales randomly on the fish. As the Rainbow Fish in the book does he took a scale from the fish to share with me what the sight word on the back was.

Sharing a scale from the Rainbow Fish

He first took a peek at the word on the way to check what the word was going to be before reading it out to me. The words we used today were a brand new set of words and they are getting more difficult – he’s no longer able to segment most of them to blend so we’re working now on true sight words.

Sight word Activity to do whilst reading Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

He then placed the word by the side of the fish and read the word to me.

Sight Words activity to do whilst reading Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

We have also revisited our Rainbow Fish Maths Activity – pop over and check it out for more learning activities related to the book.

Rainbow Fish Math


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