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Planting Seeds with Innocent

Growing Green-Fingered KidsWe’re on a mission to plant some seeds this week and would like you to be able to as well. Thank to Innocent Kids we’re making it possible (yes a competition from Rainy Day Mum). From March to the end of April all Innocent drink packs will contain 1 of 6 types of seeds which are easy to grow.

Innocent Kids Seeds 2012

J has never gardened before – yes we’ve played in the dirt but we’ve never planted seeds or grown a plant with him so we were really excited to receive our growing kit from Innocent Kids which has 6 seeds that you too can collect from the Innocent Kids Drink Packs during March and till the end of April as well as a fab yellow watering can – which has gone upstairs with J tonight to make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere else. So he was really excited when I got out our compost bag and explained what we were going to do.

Toddler digging in compost to plant seeds
J digging for compost to fill his seed pots with

I’m into recycling and hunted through our next load to try and find something that could be used as a seed pot and found the perfect tube which I cut in half and then I punched holes around the bottom to drain any water that would collect (this I did as J is 2 but if you have older children they could possibly do it with help).

Innocent kids sunflower seeds
Innocent kids sunflower seeds pack

We’ve started off 6 different seeds the Innocent Kids seeds are so simple to use, J helped me push out the centre bit ratteling it to check that there were seeds in there (we’ve been looking at seed packets in shops recently) and then we popped it into the top of the pot.

Looking for our Top Recommendations for Seeds to Grow with Kids then check out those that grow quickly to fruit or flower.
Innocent Kids sunflower seeds planted easy for toddlers to plant
J’s Innocent kids sunflower seeds

J then added more compost to the top and we then did the other seeds adding a label into each pot so that we knew what was in each (J can’t wait to have tomatoes as I said we could make some Red Sauce with them when they grow).

Upcycled pringle containers for seeds
Our upcycled containers for seeds

We’ve now watered our seeds and put them in J’s favourite location in the garden so we can visit them often and check on their growth (although as we have frost threatened tonight I have put them in our green house to protect them for it). Whilst J is growing them we are checking out the Innocent Kids Garden Gang pages on the web and seeing what is going on.

Can you guess where we’re growing them? Come follow us on Twitter to see regular updates – with the hashtag #innocentseeds – on the plants when you think you know where we’ve planted the seeds tweet us and have a guess – Innocent have a great prize for the person that guesses it correctly first.


  1. Kim @ Little Stories says:

    We have got to get out and garden. I love being outdoors but just don’t have any luck with plants. Maybe if I follow along with J, I can keep up. πŸ™‚

  2. Something in the air, I was sorting out our seeds to sow.

    If you have some spare seeds it is worth growing a second batch just incase J’s ones don’t grow, are frost attacked, eaten by slugs…. It would be a shame for him to not have some success the first time round.

    You may already know plenty about gardening but if J is getting a bit impatient for his seeds to grow, then cress (from rhe Innocent set) or some radish grow fast and well on a windowsill, or even some sprouting seeds or microgreens.

  3. I’m so glad to see J planting seeds, look how much he enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see how they turn out! We just got our seeds into our garden this past week too.

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