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Pirate Party

J turned 3 this week and we celebrated today with a Pirate Party for him. It was glorious weather, sun shining and the temperatures VERY hot. So you saw the party invites and masks here’s how the party went.

pirate party

At 3 J and his friends aren’t ready for full party games yet – we set up some “play stations” around the garden –

Water table pirate small world play

A pirate small play in our water table

decorating pirate treasure chests

Decorate your own Treasure Chest – yes the Dad’s were in charge of this.

sun suits for toddlers

Our own ocean with ball monsters and tug boats in our paddling pool plus all our normal garden games including the slide, playhouse and sit on cars. We knew it was going to be hot so an emergency text was sent in the week “BRING SWIM WEAR” so glad that we did as it helped everyone keep cool today.

pirate party loot bags

I would love to be really creative with our party bags but it’s been a bit rushed this week so keeping with the pirate theme we managed to find some Pirate party goods from Wilko’s and in our party bag there was a whistle (for playing those sea shanties), a magic telescope, Pirate Activity Sheet and an eye patch. From Yellow Moon we also includes a finger puppet to colour in – there was different designs and I was able to find a design to match each – T ended up with a cheeky monkey which is her to a T.

pirate party cake

I spent the morning baking and decorating (can’t tell you how hot it was in the kitchen). A pirate treasure map cake which I painted with food colouring and used Dolly Mixture for treasure to decorate it with.

pirate faces cup cakes

Using my favourite fairy cake recipe I made 12 cakes 6 of which I decorated as pirates (using writing pens) and the other 6 I made mini treasure maps on.

pirate treasure map cupcakes

We also made some pirate gingerbread men decorating them using the writing pens as well.

pirate gingerbread men

For our party tea we took the picnic outside and under the trees in the shade where it was slightly cooler and the children sat and ate their pirate party picnics.

Pirate Party Picnic


  1. A great party, I thought J and T had a lovely time with their friends. The cakes looked amazing.

  2. It was a wonderful day, and we loved J’s party. Well done and thank you xx

  3. Glad you all had a fabulous day. I love themed parties and always feel they are extra special when you make the food and gifts yourself. x

  4. isabel@windofimagination says:

    how beautiful! love the cake with the treasure map! everything was very cute πŸ™‚ Congrats to your son πŸ™‚

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