Our Story

Back before I had children I was pretty sure that if we were ever blessed to have them, then I would return to the job that I loved. I'd already had one major change of career from a marine biologist to teacher and there was no way that I could see anything changing with children.

Then after having 3 miscarriages we finally were pregnant and my views started to change.

For a start, my pregnancy wasn't easy, neither were. With one I was in a wheel chair for 20 weeks the other I developed Gestational Diabetes. With only 18 months between the two children I made the decision that I wouldn't be returning to work whilst they were still at home. I really couldn't see myself being able to be the teacher that I was previously or be the mother that I wanted to be to our children.

So suddenly we were in a new position. Instead of the family that we had dreamed of, where I worked, my husband worked, we were now on hold and with those dreams gone.

With those dreams gone and what I saw as an 5 year hold on them. I stepped into Survival Mode - just going day to day and with a 3 month old and a 21 month old that was a downward spiral.

Making the First Changes

It was May 2011 and I knew I needed to do something. I was spending my days doing barely anything with my toddler, he was biting and hitting both myself and the baby.

So I set our first family goal.

Doing an activity with him per day, something that I could do easily during the babies nap, something that I was comfortable doing and for me that was Getting Creative with him.

The change in me was noticeable friends and family asked what I was doing different and I said doing crafts with my toddler.

They asked what and whether I could share.

So Rainy Day Mum was born where I could share ideas for spending quality time together with your toddler getting creative.

From then to now...

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Being accountable to family, friends and as Rainy Day Mum grew our readers, sharing those ideas and making those first steps out of the survival mode and into getting a focus for our daily goals was a huge step.

From that point on setting goals as a family, first my husband and I and now as a family has helped us work towards the dreams we had before realising that just like parenting doesn't stop for rain our dreams don't have to stop because we are parents.

Getting Creative was our first family goal and as my toddler became a preschooler I realised how important it was to Support his Teacher's by encouraging a lifelong love of learning.

This started by reading and learning to love books by creating activities related to the books and later as he started school using hands-on activities to explore some of the areas he struggled with and now I do the same with my daughter too.

Spending quality time together became important as my husband got busier at work so we focused on getting outside, and started to dream about travelling with the kids.

Meal times, teaching my children to cook real food and enjoy trying new food as well as using the family dinner as a time to connect daily together.

The future

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Our goals continuously develop, our dreams evolve but one thing stays the same we love sharing the ideas, recipes, tips, activities, crafts and more with you our family, friends and readers.

And with each that we share we hope to encourage you to think about your own family goals, set them, work towards them a small step at a time.

And realise that if someone does rain on your dreams, then pull on your boots and go and dance in the puddles!

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