We have been experimenting with a new product to us Maize Noodles these are wonderful modelling material. Looking like Packing Peanuts they are made from Maize and what is even better they are a MESS FREE yes that did deserve to be in bold and in upper case.

Maize Noodle art work

Now I had a play and you can make 3d models with them however J hasn’t got the dexterity yet to manage 3d Modeling so instead we have created 2 of the parts of our Big Art project for the summer.

I drew rough outlines of our two animals to go onto the Art project and then J got to creating a textured picture with them.

creating art with maize noodles

These are perfect for creating textured art work for toddlers and preschoolers when you don’t want a mess to clean up all you need to use is some water and that is it.

With a little water and a paint brush J set to work “using magic glue” to stick his noodles to the drawing that I had made for him.

Mess free textured art

He started on the turtle first and decided early on that because of the look of the noodles his turtle was going to be like the one from Tinga Tinga Tales with a multi coloured shell. With the crab he wanted a “red or pink” shell for the crab and sorted out the colours so that he could do it. Because the pack comes with a variety of different colours it was possible to create his idea using them.

textured art sea creatures

The effect is fantastic he was able to create a textured bumpy art project without producing any mess at all. I would recommend getting some for your own craft collections as there are many possibilities for them.

Disclaimer we received these maize noodles from Rainbow Creations all views are our own


Cerys Parker

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  1. I love this! An inspiring post on an inspiring blog. Definitely going to get some and see if we can make a dinosaur!

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