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Jack and the Beanstalk Measurement Activity for Kids

Our favourite Classic Tale to read in spring with kids in Jack and the Beanstalk. My kids have always been fascinated with growing things and this book is ideal to read as we start to grow. Although I do wish that the plants we grew would grow overnight like they do in the story. As we wanted to incorporate some measuring activities I thought whether we could grow a bean in a jar and measure it over time. But, it takes time instead in the craft section of the store I found some leaf ribbon which was perfect for creating our own beanstalks that we could work on measuring with the kids. So here we go a simple Jack and the Beanstalk Measuring Activity for Kids.

measuring activities for jack and the beanstalk


Measuring Activity for Jack and the Beanstalk

With kids of different ages and abilities, I like activities that have different stages this measuring activity lends itself to working on different measuring skills from the language of measuring through to actually taking standard measurements.

The same equipment and before we moved onto measuring with standard units we reviewed the previous areas.

Materials Needed for Measuring Math Activity for Jack and the Beanstalk

We have included links to the materials we used to create this math activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

materials needed for a Jack and the beanstalk inspired measuring activity

Jack and the Beanstalk story to read together -> check out our selection of books



Leaf Ribbon




Setting up your Jack and the Beanstalk Measuring Maths Centre Activity

  1. Take your leaf ribbon and cut differently sized beanstalks to use in this math center activity.creating beanstalks for kids
  2. On the paper write some size words

small, smaller, smallest, big, bigger, biggest

Now lay out your activity. Read aloud the book to your child.

Sorting and Ordering Beanstalks

The first stage of the activity is a sorting and ordering activity.

ordering beanstalk from jack and the beanstalk


Guide your child as they arrange the beanstalks you have cut from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest.

beanstalks ordered for Jack and the beanstalk from smallest to biggest

You can add in the words to the beanstalks.

labeling maths words with preschoolers small smaller smallest

My kids used to say “more small” or “more bigger” by talking with the activity with them they were able to work on the maths language as we did the activity together.

beanstalks ordered smallest to small

Non-Standard Measurements of Jack’s Beanstalk

Non-standard measurements are the first step in measuring with kids. Whether it’s how many footsteps to go from one place to another or as in this case how many beans tall.

You can use any type of beans we had some black beans sitting around so used those.

non-standard measurements of jacks beanstalk using beans

Support your child as you measure the different beanstalks with the beans and don’t forget to record the numbers.

jack and the beanstalk non-standard measurement activity

The best thing to do is to arrange the beanstalks to measure in a random order and then use our number line to put the number of beans into order on the number lines.

Standard Measurements for measuring the beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk

Find a ruler ours measures in cm but you may have ones that measure in inches or both.

measuring beanstalk using standard measurements

Then help your child to straighten the beanstalks and measure them using the ruler.

More Jack and the Beanstalk Activities for Kids

Get playful with your maths with this Count and Climb Jack and the Beanstalk. Help Jack climb the beanstalk in order from lowest to highest and back again as he escapes from the giant.

Work on numbers to 10 with our Golden Egg Counting and Number Activity and don’t forget to download your beanstalk number line.

One of our favourite activities to do with the classic tale is, of course, Growing Our Own Beanstalk. It’s so fun to do and my kids have loved it since they were very little.

Measuring activities for early years inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk

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