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Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Easy and simple crafts are fantastic for time fillers and after school activities, these hanging Jack-o-lanterns are so easy to make and apart from drying time take very little time at all and are ever so effective.

Easy Hanging Jack O Lanterns

Materials needed for Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

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Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Paper Lanterns
Orange Paint
Black Sharpie

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String for hanging

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Creating Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Following the instructions on the paper lanterns so that you have a formed Lantern. Then paint the lantern orange.

Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Take care the paper is delicate and we used a very soft bristled brush to paint – T 3 and a half was able to paint using this brush and not damage the paper.

Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Leave the Lanterns to dry – it took a little while for us as T had painted them quite thick. Once they are dry then add details. We did this as a family activity for T the youngest in the family I drew outlines and she coloured them in. J drew on the face himself as did myself and my husband.

Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Again take care with the drawing of the faces as the paper although stronger is still delicate. We followed the instructions for threading the cord that came with the lanterns and then I used string and we have hung them from a curtain pole in the house.

Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

These would also work really well with an electric tea light inside – I wouldn’t use a real candle as they are made of paper but the electric tea light would light them up really well and look good as a nighttime decoration for Halloween.

Make these Floating Ghosts as another great Halloween Decoration for the Home.

More Halloween Decorations for your Home

These spider web decorations are one of the kids favourites and we now have sets for both of our front windows. They stretch out so that you can make them as thick or as thin as you want.

For the lanterns as well as for your pumpkins if you have pets or children I recommend switching out your normal tea lights for these Flameless Electric Tea Lights.

If you love supporting smaller companies like we do – I suggest you browse the Etsy selection of Halloween Decorations there are so many creative people out there I am sure you will find something to WOW your kids and any other party guests you have.

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