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The Foot Book Activities for kids

Foot prints in the snow

This months virtual book club for kids author is Dr Seuss apart from reading The Cat in the Hat as a child I really haven’t read anything by Dr Seuss and never with J and T so we got a few of the new branded blue backed books and read through them and decided our book for this month would be The Foot Book.

As The Foot Book starts with left foot, right foot it was perfect and the snow outside meant there was only 1 thing to do take our book club outside and explore foot prints in the snow.

making footprint patterns in the snowFaced with pure snow that no one had walked on there was nothing to do but make left foot, right foot prints in the snow.

making prints with the right footIt was great to see J trying to balance as he moved his left foot into place – check out the arms – with a delay in some of his gross motor skills it’s wonderful to see him using developing skills in play.

using arms to balance in the snow - gross motor movement developmentWe brought to life some other parts – fast feet, slow feet looking at how the patterns in the snow were different as he ran and did wide slow steps.

Once we had had lots of fun exploring foot prints in the snow we looked for other foot prints that we could see. There was lots of big feet and small feet dog feet and cat feet. But off the main tracks J was very excited to find some bird foot prints.

bird prints in the snowIf he was excited to see and recognise that they were bird prints. Then I was even more excited to discover and show him the prints that he had run past in his excitement to get to the small pond we have discovered on our walk.

deer prints in the snowDeer prints in the snow – we have seen on the very odd occasion what could be a deer in the bushes on the woods but here is proof. J’s little feet are above so I’m guessing it’s a munk-jack deer.

As part of my promise to play in 2013 I’m making time for at least 15 minutes outside every day taking play, creating and learning outside. Because Rainy Day Mum is based around activities for Rainy Day’s I have started another website Nature and Play where I’m sharing my outdoor activities please pop by and check out what we’re doing extra to our every day walks.

Virtual Book Club For Kids

This months author is Dr Seuss and if you would like to discover even more Dr Seuss activities please pop by the Virtual Book Club co-hosts and see what they have been doing to bring the books alive this month. If you have your own activities based around Dr Seuss books we would love for you to come and link them up.

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I’m really looking forward to seeing what is linked up this month and discover more Dr Seuss books to read with J and T.

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