Preschool Spider Web Craft to make this fall

Preschool Spider Web Craft to make together this fall

Autumn brings out so many spiders and J is fascinated by them so when he asked to make a spiders web I said of course. This is a very simple preschool spider web craft that with just a little guidance J was able to do on his own.

preschool spider web craft

Materials needed to make Preschool Spider Web Craft

Paper Plate
Autumn Coloured Paper
Hole Punch
Pipe Cleaners
Pom Pom
Googley Eyes

How you make the preschool spider web craft

We started off by using a hole punch – this is a new activity for J and he loved punching the holes around the edge of the paper plate, I would show you our first paper plate but as it’s in 2 pieces because of the amount of holes produced I’m afriad it has been recycled and the punched holes maybe being added to a craft in the future (in other words I have saved them!). Then I cut out some leaves from autumn coloured paper which J then glued to a paper plate – when we have been hunting for spiders they have always been on the shrubs in the garden so he wanted to make sure that his web was on a shrub as well.

making preschool spider web craft with yarn

We then put it aside to let it dry. I then created a needle for the threading from a pipe cleaner (I need to get a few plastic needles for some early sewing as J is getting quite good at threading) and thread some yarn into it. With J helping we created a secure point by tying a knot around the outside of one of the holes and then J threaded his spiders web across and between the holes.

spider's web craft for preschoolers

Once he had run out of yarn we tied a knot at the last hole and then went and created the spider. Using a large pompom J created 8 legs with small pipe cleaners which he wound around and made little feet with. We then added the essential googley eyes which according to J had to be 3 eyes and attached it to the spider’s web right in the middle just as the spiders that we had seen in the bushes were placed.

spider's web craft for preschoolers

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