Planning a Pirate Party

As I mentioned yesterday J turns 3 very very soon – and it’s very exciting we’ve been party planning. He has flicked through my cake decorating books (yes I actually have cake decorating books for kids parties full of ideas) and decided that he wanted a pirate theme.

DIY Party Invites for Pirate Party

So we were over the moon to receive a parcel from Yellow Moon full to the brim with Pirate Stuff and we’ve had fun making and creating things so far for his Pirate Party.

First on our list was some pirate party invites

What you need to make Pirate Party Invites

Using some card blanks
Bright Card
Pirate Stickers

How we made the Pirate Party Invites

Using some bright blue care I cut out some wave shapes whilst J used a chalk on the while card to colour in the sky. Using a chalk on textured card is really effective as it produces different shades of colours.

Pirate party invites that preschoolers can make themselves

With the waves attached we then had fun choosing which stickers to choose from the pack – we LOVE the yellow moon foam sticker packs – with a farm pack that I brought back in the spring we created our Where’s my Mummy game? as each pack contains large and small of each sticker perfect for choosing the right size for different projects. This time it was the smaller stickers and we decided that with our invites we would have the same stickers on each of them.

Pirate Party planning for preschoolers

Once the stickers we on in his best Pirate accent J told me to write AHOY you’re invited to my party on the invites and then the details inside and give it to his friends who are coming.

Preschool pirate party invites

For the party we have also had lots of fun creating Pirate Masks for all the guests.

What you need to make Foam Pirate Masks

A pack of foam pirate masks

How we made the Pirate Masks

These were a lot of fun to make. Each kit contains 4 different masks which of course we had to make all at once, and once made we’ve had to model all of them ready for our pirate party. They are brilliant for fine motor skill development – J found it a real challenge at times to peel off the paper backing from the adhesive side of the different pieces but the hand – eye co-ordinating is great as well as the dexterity to remove it and place it.

pirate party masks

There is a “guide” of how the pirate masks should look like but we have adapted some using scars as eye brows and changing the colours. I’m getting another couple of packs and will be adding them to the party bags for the children to do at home.

pirate party masks

We’ve also made some extra bits for our Pirate Party but I can’t show you them yet as I know at least 3 of the guests Mum’s are regular readers of the blog (waves HIYA) and J really wants it to be a bit of a surprise.

Disclaimer – we received the items shown from Yellow Moon to write the post however the views are all our own and the fun that we have had giving you ideas to use these products as well

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    Oh that’s so exciting!! I love that he gets to help in his party planning. That makes it way more special and fun. And your invites are the cutest. I want one of those pirate masks for myself.. just for fun. hehe. His party is sure to be amazing! Have fun :)
    Joyce @Childhood Beckons recently posted..Paper Bag Puppet KitMy Profile

  2. says

    Fantastic invites, we had a pirate party for my 4 year old daughter’s birthday and used the pirate stickers from Yellow Moon – they are absolutely fab. Can’t wait to see the rest of your creativity with this party. Have fun. Ellie

  3. says

    How wonderful the invites are really nice and it is great that J has been able to make the things himself. I will look forward to seeing more pictures when the party is over and no longer top secret :) Hope that you have a fab time.