Creative Christmas Cards from Recycled Cards

Get saving those Christmas Cards this year and make them into a cute Christmas card to send next year with your children with this simple recycled Christmas Card Craft


Recycled Christmas Card Craft for young children

Keep Christmas Cards and they can be recycled to make some new cards the following year – here is a simple Christmas card using recycled cards that helps develop fine motor skills and cutting practice for young children.

I remembered back to The Creative Christmas Countdown of 2011 and seeing a fun Christmas card on Dilly Dali Art made from shredded Christmas magazine adverts I thought we could adapt the idea and use our Christmas Card Stash to make some new cards this year.

Materials needed

Materials needed to make recycled Christmas Cards with kids

Recycled Christmas Cards
Card Blanks
Round Object to Draw Around


Collect together your materials – I save my Christmas cards with just the front and for this activity I separated those out that were more colourful to make more decorative baubles for the cards.

Making Christmas Cards with young children - using the activity for some fine motor skills and cutting practice

Cut up the cards into strips – T did this she is now 2 years and 9 months and had a really good go at the cutting – after she had out out strips from the cards I neatened them up a little so it would be easier to place on the card with older children you wouldn’t necessarily have to do this.

Creative Card Making with young children using recycled Christmas Cards

Once the strips are cut out stick them onto some plain paper – T is very methodical and enjoys lining up so she had fun gluing the strips into straight lines on the paper.

Using old Christmas Cards to make new Christmas Cards

Draw around a round object and then cut out to make circles from the strips of card.

Glue the strips to the card and then draw a simple line up from each of the circles to make it look like they are hanging from the fold of the card.

Recycled Christmas Cards into a new Card ideal to make with young children

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