A while back I posted about how it’s OK not to enjoy being pregnant the response was amazing and I’m so glad that I was able to support others that feel like I do those that feel they have to hide that they aren’t enjoying the experience and get told “chin up”. What I kind of hinted on it that the birth’s for my two weren’t my ideal births either, in fact the first with J was an emergency caesarean section as he was in distress and this was after 4 days of induced labour and the second with T although an emergency caesarean section was due to the fact that she was spinning around so much that during labour she turned footling breach which at my hospital and especially following a previous caesarean they will not deliver. Post recover from the two caesareans was very different and the one factor was how I cared for myself afterwards.

Post Caesarean a natural care plan to complement your physician's recommendations. Following two caesarean sections see how the care plan made a difference.
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Post birth with J back in 2009 I was quickly returned to hospital after being discharged with a very nasty infection in the caesarean scar, in fact a drain was put in and I was on heavy antibiotics via IV luckily ones that were suitable for breastfeeding. Returning home a week later so almost 2 weeks after giving birth I then spent twice a day with a nurse caring for my wound, a midwife helping out with the post-birth care and 6 weeks later still having infection after infection despite following all the advice they were giving me.

Between J and T there are only 18 months so the birth was very fresh in my mind and as I started to discuss with the consultants at the hospital and the midwives what I would like in my birth plan the possibility of a second caesarean was brought up especially as T seemed to be a different position every scan. I started to research post caesarean care especially as I would also have to look after a toddler this time as well and 12 weeks of pain and immobility was just not possible. From the research, talking with post-natal practitioners and the consultant at the hospital who was a believer in the complimentary care we devised a “Natural Post Caesarean Care Plan” that I could do at home.

Natural Post Caesarean Care Plan

First of this was complimentary to the advice of the surgeons and the consultants as well as midwives who looked after me post birth and I followed their care plan as well as this one. But as the two didn’t interfere and I was able to do this at home – instead of my 12 weeks recovery with J I was back on my feet in 5 days and driving on the doctor’s advice at 3 weeks post caesarean what a difference that was.

What you need

Lavender Essential Oil
Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil
Rock or Sea Salts
Whole Milk – almond milk or soya milk will work as well

3 Step Natural Care Plan Post Caesarean Section

Air to the wound

This was one of the most important and I can vouch for myself but post birth getting air to the wound wasn’t as easy as it may sound. The baby came out and there was a lot of excess skin which prevented the air getting to the wound. So I would lay down with my new baby whilst my husband was with J and make sure that air was able to circulate around the wound easily.

Baths and plenty of them

Check before your first bath after the caesarean with your physician but as soon as you can fill up the bath and make sure that you add a good handful of sea salt yes really at least 1 if not 2 handfuls of the stuff into each and every bath, in a cup mix up some milk with 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 5 drops of melaleuca essential oil and pour into the bath. You need to mix with milk so that the oil distributes all over the bath instead of just on the surface and then get in a relax.

Maternity pad with lavender

Maternity pads are excellent wound protection – although you need to get air to the wound, it’s also vital that your underwear doesn’t irritate the wound. The best way that I would was to add a couple of drops of lavender oil to the maternity pad – not a normal sanitary towel as these have extra chemicals and place it against the wound for protection.

and that’s it – follow all advice from your health care professional and check with them that this will be suitable for you as well.

Why does it work to compliment your medicinal care

The air surrounding the wound helps to dry out the wound, because of the location and also because like I said there can be extra skin that covers this the area does get sweaty and this increases the risk of infection.

Lavender essential oil helps skin recover quickly so using it in the bath and on the maternity pad will help with that, the added bonus it also helps relax and calm you which if you are anything like me I was tired, irritable and dealing with so many different emotions post-natally that no one knew what mood I would be in from moment to moment.

Melaleuca essential oil is fantastic at cleansing and rejuvenating as well as promoting healthy immune function, protecting against environmental and seasonal threats  and soothing minor skin irritations. By bathing in it, you will not just get the effect from the topical application but also inhalation as your body relaxes and your breath becomes deeper as you do.

This was 4 years ago and Essential Oils and Natural Health Care like this has become a part of our life. Find out about our journey with Essential Oils and see how you can join us living naturally, with health benefits, products that you can make to replace your own and lifestyle changes that will make you and your families lives change.

Post Caesarean a natural care plan to compliment your physicians recommendations. Following two caesarean sections see how the care plan made a difference and how easy it is to do. Ideal if you know you are going to have a caesarean or to save for those just in case moments

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