There are some crafts that I have never attempted and this year I am starting to try a few different things, earlier this month I made Soap for the first time with the kids as a handmade gift, but this time I wanted to create a decoration for the home that we could bring out each year and an artificial winter wreath was the perfect craft to try as I have never made a wreath of any sort for the home.

DIY Winter Wreath

After watching Frozen we were inspired to create a Winter White themed wreath and unlike anything too Christmas like it could be used to greet visitors all through the winter as well.  I’ve never ever made a wreath before and really wouldn’t know where to start so I started off with a plain artificial wreath and we went from there. Next year I’m going to get adventurous and try it all myself.

Materials for our Winter Wreath

Artificial Wreath
Wire Balls from Country Baskets
White Poinsettia Flowers – from Country Baskets
Willow Ribbon – From Country Baskets
Glass Heart Ornaments – From Country Baskets
Snowflakes – From B&Q but these can be brought from Ebay, Dollar Store and Amazon.
Garden Wire

Making a Winter Wreath

DIY Winter Wreath

I started off placing the poinsettia flowers around the wreath the flowers come with wire legs to attach them and are so easy to poke through the wreath and twist to secure in place.

DIY Winter Wreath

With the poinsettia flowers in place arranged around the wreath at regular intervals it was time to chose the up from the down. I love wreaths but always think that something is missing from the middle – so I wanted something to hang down. Little glass hearts were perfect.

DIY Winter Wreath

To make the hearts hang at different heights I cut the ribbon at different lengths and then attached the ribbons to the top of the ornament. The back of most wreaths is made from a wire frame – I threaded the ribbon around and tied in the knot to secure.

DIY Winter Wreath

With Frozen inspired children we have a lot of snowflakes around the house, so I found two glittered snowflakes – they have holes to attach them and with the help of T we threaded them to attach to the bottom of the wreath.

DIY Winter Wreath


DIY Winter Wreath

Country Baskets has some wonderful white wire balls, remembering what my grandmother always said arrange things in odd numbers I found one larger ball and small balls and attached garden wire to them and then threaded them through to the back of the wreath and twisted to attach.

DIY Winter Wreath


I wanted a lovely bow at the top or something similar, but I have never mastered the art of beautiful bows, however tying multiple simple bows worked to create a larger bow at the top of the wreath. I attached it with some of the garden wire twisting it at the back to secure.

DIY Winter Wreath

With a final addition of some ribbon for hanging we added the wreath to our front door.

DIY Winter Wreath

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We were supplied with some of the craft materials for the Winter Wreath from Country Baskets.

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Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mum, and home educator from the UK. She loves getting creative, whether it is with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun, or delicious recipes that you and your kids can cook together you'll find them all shared here on Rainy Day Mum.

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