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Winter Playdough Recipes for Sensory Fun

Are you in search of some simple sensory playdough recipe for the winter season to use with your kids? These fantastic recipes for playdough are great to use with the kids. Whether it’s in a little activity centre, for playdough mats, or in a sensory bin these easy recipes are sure to be a hit with the kids.

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Homemade Playdough Recipe

If you’ve never made playdough before, the basic recipe is so simple to make.

Baby playing with homemade playdough

It saves you money, is quick to make, just 5ish minutes to make using our quick and easy playdough recipe which involves no cooking. But there is so much more that you can do with it than just colour it.

Check out these winter playdough ideas below.

Recipes for Winter Playdough

collage of some simple winter playdough and snow dough recipes for sensory play

Pure white, and smooth. This snow playdough recipe is great for creating snowmen. It was the first “winter playdough” recipe we used back when my kids were toddlers and it was fantastic for some not-so-cold sensory snowy play.

Check out our idea for icy cold snowy sensory play indoors.

Another favourite winter playdough recipe that we have made and the kids loved it. Especially with the addition of the biodegradable glitter in it, we added the optional ingredient as well and it was so much fun to play with.

With only 2-ingredients this sparkly winter playdough is great for a quick made when the kids want some wintery sensory fun.

There isn’t anything more wintery than Frozen and when my youngest was in the height of her Elsa and Anna craze this was our go-to play dough recipe for some Frozen fun. Check out this frozen playdough recipe.

Snow Dough

Although the playdough is great, it doesn’t have the same consistency as powdery snow. That’s where cloud dough comes in tops.

toddler playing in cloud dough

Cloud dough is soft like powdery snow just fallen, and just like the real thing you can mould it into shapes but it will also fall back apart again.

Check out these other ideas for sensory dough for winter below.

snow dough, cloud dough and white playdough recipes collage for winter sensory play with toddlers and preschoolers

A slight variation this snow dough is more like moon dough, than cloud dough, it’s got a few more ingredients but is taste safe great for little ones that put everything in their mouths.

As I said cloud dough can be moudled and formed like real powdered snowflakes and this snowball dough recipe is great plus it’s connected to one of my favourite Snowmen stories.

Soft and fizzy! Another variation on the cloud dough with a single ingredient swap this glorious white dough is so much fun to explore with. Check out this magic foaming snow dough here.

More Winter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Check out these other ideas for winter activities with toddlers and preschoolers.

Polar bears on a ice flow with text saying Winter Science Experiment How Do Polar Bears Stay Warm
toddler girl building a snowman adding it's arms, text reads Snowman Themed Activities crafts and recipes for toddlers and preschoolers
toddler boy out in the snow laughing with text overlay reading Winter Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Our favourite winter science experiment for kids whatever their age investigate How do Polar Bears Stay Warm!

Have fun with the snow and check out these Snowman Themed Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Sing and dance your way through winter with our favourite Winter Nursery Rhymes and Songs for your little ones.

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