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What to Plant with Kids in November

It may seem like everything is dying back in the garden in November, but now is the time to get out there and start some things off for spring and summer with the kids as well as grow your own for winter. So here’s our list of things to grow with kids in November in the garden.

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What to Sow and Grow in November

Our list is based on the fact that we live in the south east of the UK and some of these plants may not be suitable for growing in your area. Check your local zone and planting recommendations in addition to these so that you and your kids aren’t disappointed.

Whether you are growing flowers or vegetables November is the time to get ahead with some so that by the spring you have colour and your first crops to harvest together.

Vegetables to Sow in November

Starting off with the best vegetables to sow in November.

Winter Lettuce

Depending on your garden you can grow these under cloches (a plastic bottle half makes a great cloches for the kids to make), in the greenhouse or where the weather is much colder on your own windowsill.

winter gem lettuce variety growing in soil ideal for planting and growing with kids in november

The best varieties are ones like Winter Gem which will be ready to harvest in a few weeks and you can enjoy.

Of course you could grow any varieties on the window sill and eat them as small leaves perfect for adding to your soups and salads over the coming months.


Herbs are great to grow with kids especially if you and they love to cook together. We grow lots of different varieties on our window sills.

herbs growing in pots on a window sill with basil and parsley in a wooden crate and dill to the side

From basil to parsley and dill. Some simple pots and care means that we have fresh seasoning for our dishes throughout the year.

Spring Onions

If you start of your spring onions in November then by spring you’ll have onions to grow.

a set of pots with spring onions growing in them ideal to start off in November with kids

We love putting them in a window box with some raddish and lettuce that we can grow indoors throughout the winter with kids and have a quick salad we can pick easily.

Broad Beans

Start broad beans off in the later autumn and winter either under glass in a cold frame, greenhouse or under cloches in the garden.

girl planting broad bean seeds in November for an early crop

Sow once a fortnight so that through spring and summer you have a succession of them to pick and enjoy.

Want to know more about sowing and growing the broad beans then read our kids guide to growing and sowing broad beans.


girl behind some pea supports planting pea seeds to grow next spring

If you want really early peas next year you and your kids can start to grow some together. Follow our simple guide to starting seeds in egg cartons and you can leave them under a plastic tub outside throughout the window so that when it warms up you can either plant in pots or into a raised vegetable bed with the kids.

Onion Seeds and Garlic

Some of our favourites to grow throughout the winter months are onion seeds and garlic. We love them to grow for our own dishes and they are very easy to do.

planting garlic bulbs in the soil in November for an early crop next year

Plant the garlic cloves in either the soil in rows or why not in pots where space is limited. The frosts over the winter will do them good and help produce strong and early crops for you to enjoy.

Onion seeds grown this month will overwinter and be ready for you to plant on come the spring and will mature earlier than the bulbs you can plant in the garden in early spring.

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Fruit to Grow in November with Kids

Although you won’t harvest the fruit now it’s great to get started and plant and grow some fruit for spring in November. We pick specific plants to grow that are easy, low maintenance and the kids will love to eat and cook with.


preschool girl harvesting rhubarb that she grew when planted in November

One of our favourites is Rhubarb. Now is the time to plant some Rhubarb Crowns in the ground so that you can enjoy the stems come spring and summer.


It’s your last chance to sort out the strawberry runners and pot up any plants that may have grown from them. It’s easy to do and means that you will have fresh plants for next year if yours are a little tired.


Best planted in pots where you can control the acidity of the soil (they like to have slightly more acidic soil) blueberry plants can be bought in the garden centre and potted up. Depending on your variety you may need to have 2 or more plants!

collage of what to plant with kids in November

What Flowers to Sow and Grow in November

It’s time to start to plant your garden for spring colour and early summer flowers. Here’s some of our favourites to start with the kids.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are a traditional cottage flower and easy for kids to grow from seed (although they do take a while). Start them off in November for early flowers.

pink and purple sweet peas growing in a garden

Don’t forget when you sow them you need to soak them overnight ahead of time to ensure success.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Want to plant a rainbow for the spring? Then now is your last chance to plant spring flowering bulbs.

toddler and preschooler looking at spring bulbs to plant in November to grow a rainbow for next spring

Tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths are all easy to grow from bulb and will have wonderful colours come next year.

Check out our planting a rainbow for ideas and a book recommendation to share with your younger kids.

Indoor Bulbs

Want some flowers all winter long? Then why not start some forced bulbs or indoor bulbs now and throughout the winter months.

Planted now narcissus and hyacinths that have been produced for indoor growing will appear in 6 to 12 weeks, keep up in the planting every other week and you will have displays throughout the winter and spring.

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Plan ahead with our guide to what to plant with Kids in December

Plan ahead and order your seeds if need be with our guide to what to sow and grow with kids in December.

planting broad beans just one of the things that you can plant and grow in December with Kids

What to Plant in December with Kids

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