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Water Bead Play

We’ve been playing with our Water beads again and doing some fine motor skills moving them using a variety of different methods.

Water Bead Play

We have been having a challenge with J to use anything other than his hands to eat, transfer items or basically do anything so I thought that using some water beads would be a fun way to get him to use some different methods to transfer items from one container to another one.

developing pincer grip using water beads including applying different pressures

I set up some waterbeads in a large tupperware box on the table and provided J with a variety of different tools that he could use to transfer the beads into one of our supermarket muffin cases. At first typically of J he used his hands – he’s got a great pincer grip and has mastered how to hold a pen effectively to write – so to encourage him to use the tools I got in and played in the water beads with him as well.

Using tools to develop hand eye co-ordination and muscle control using water beads

Of the tools one of our old formula scoops was his favourite – he found that it could hold more beads than the other and was easier to manipulate to move items from the box to the muffin case.

I don’t know whether it’s normal (or even what is to be expected) but J at 34 months still will only use a spoon for yogurt he won’t attempt to use a fork or knife and despite having ate every meal with us since well before 1 and T already showing inclinations to become proficient in spoon and fork use quickly J is reluctant. I would love some suggestions of ways to encourage him if you have any?


  1. I love how you try to encourage him to use some tools. Derin doesn’t like messy hands so I had set up a slide for him and he posting the water beads through the tunnel slide 🙂

  2. That’s kind of funny that J doesn’t want to use a fork! For knives, maybe he would enjoy making applesauce (cut the apples with a butter knife)?

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